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Tibor Bukovinszky
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Direct and indirect effects of resource quality on food web structure
T Bukovinszky, FJF van Veen, Y Jongema, M Dicke
Science 319 (5864), 804-807, 2008
Genetic variation in defense chemistry in wild cabbages affects herbivores and their endoparasitoids
R Gols, R Wagenaar, T Bukovinszky, NM Dam, M Dicke, JM Bullock, ...
Ecology 89 (6), 1616-1626, 2008
Performance of Generalist and Specialist Herbivores and their Endoparasitoids Differs on Cultivated and Wild Brassica Populations
R Gols, T Bukovinszky, NM van Dam, M Dicke, JM Bullock, JA Harvey
Journal of chemical ecology 34, 132-143, 2008
Variation In Plant Volatiles and Attraction Of The ParasitoidDiadegma semiclausum(Hellén)
T Bukovinszky, R Gols, MA Posthumus, LEM Vet, JC Van Lenteren
Journal of chemical ecology 31, 461-480, 2005
Consequences of constitutive and induced variation in plant nutritional quality for immune defence of a herbivore against parasitism
T Bukovinszky, EH Poelman, R Gols, G Prekatsakis, LEM Vet, JA Harvey, ...
Oecologia 160, 299-308, 2009
Species-specific acquisition and consolidation of long-term memory in parasitic wasps
HM Smid, G Wang, T Bukovinszky, JLM Steidle, MAK Bleeker, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1617), 1539-1546, 2007
Reduced foraging efficiency of a parasitoid under habitat complexity: implications for population stability and species coexistence
R Gols, T Bukovinszky, L Hemerik, JA Harvey, JC Van Lenteren, LEM Vet
Journal of Animal Ecology, 1059-1068, 2005
The role of pre‐and post‐alighting detection mechanisms in the responses to patch size by specialist herbivores
T Bukovinszky, RPJ Potting, Y Clough, JC Van Lenteren, LEM Vet
Oikos 109 (3), 435-446, 2005
Interactions between invasive plants and insect herbivores: a plea for a multitrophic perspective
JA Harvey, T Bukovinszky, WH van der Putten
Biological Conservation 143 (10), 2251-2259, 2010
Smelling the wood from the trees: non-linear parasitoid responses to volatile attractants produced by wild and cultivated cabbage
R Gols, JM Bullock, M Dicke, T Bukovinszky, JA Harvey
Journal of Chemical Ecology 37, 795-807, 2011
Plant competition in pest-suppressive intercropping systems complicates evaluation of herbivore responses
T Bukovinszky, H Tréfás, JC Van Lenteren, LEM Vet, J Fremont
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 102 (2), 185-196, 2004
Temporal changes affect plant chemistry and tritrophic interactions
R Gols, CE Raaijmakers, NM Van Dam, M Dicke, T Bukovinszky, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 8 (5), 421-433, 2007
Hitch-hiking parasitic wasp learns to exploit butterfly antiaphrodisiac
ME Huigens, FG Pashalidou, MH Qian, T Bukovinszky, HM Smid, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (3), 820-825, 2009
Evolution of plant growth and defense in a continental introduction
AA Agrawal, AP Hastings, GS Bradburd, EC Woods, T Züst, JA Harvey, ...
The American Naturalist 186 (1), E1-E15, 2015
Synergistic effects of direct and indirect defences on herbivore egg survival in a wild crucifer
NE Fatouros, A Pineda, ME Huigens, C Broekgaarden, MM Shimwela, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1789), 20141254, 2014
Variation in the specificity of plant volatiles and their use by a specialist and a generalist parasitoid
R Gols, C Veenemans, RPJ Potting, HM Smid, M Dicke, JA Harvey, ...
Animal Behaviour 83 (5), 1231-1242, 2012
Chemical espionage on species-specific butterfly anti-aphrodisiacs by hitchhiking Trichogramma wasps
ME Huigens, JB Woelke, FG Pashalidou, T Bukovinszky, HM Smid, ...
Behavioral Ecology 21 (3), 470-478, 2010
Effects of pollen species composition on the foraging behaviour and offspring performance of the mason bee Osmia bicornis (L.)
T Bukovinszky, I Rikken, S Evers, FL Wäckers, JC Biesmeijer, HHT Prins, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 18, 21-30, 2017
Exploring the relationships between landscape complexity, wild bee species richness and reproduction, and pollination services along a complexity gradient in the Netherlands
T Bukovinszky, J Verheijen, S Zwerver, E Klop, JC Biesmeijer, ...
Biological Conservation 214, 312-319, 2017
Time allocation of a parasitoid foraging in heterogeneous vegetation: implications for host–parasitoid interactions
T Bukovinszky, R Gols, LIA Hemerik, JC Van Lenteren, LEM Vet
Journal of Animal Ecology 76 (5), 845-853, 2007
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