Gary Ervin
Gary Ervin
Professor of Biological Sciences, Mississippi State University
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Caterpillar saliva beats plant defences
RO Musser, SM Hum-Musser, H Eichenseer, M Peiffer, G Ervin, ...
Nature 416 (6881), 599-600, 2002
Outstanding challenges in the transferability of ecological models
KL Yates, PJ Bouchet, MJ Caley, K Mengersen, CF Randin, S Parnell, ...
Trends in ecology & evolution 33 (10), 790-802, 2018
Herbivore damage to sagebrush induces resistance in wild tobacco: evidence for eavesdropping between plants
R Karban, J Maron, GW Felton, G Ervin, H Eichenseer
Oikos 100 (2), 325-332, 2003
An ecological perspective of allelochemical interference in land–water interface communities
GN Ervin, RG Wetzel
Plant and Soil 256 (1), 13-28, 2003
Allelochemical autotoxicity in the emergent wetland macrophyte Juncus effusus (Juncaceae)
GN Ervin, RG Wetzel
American Journal of Botany 87 (6), 853-860, 2000
Umbrella potential of plants and dragonflies for wetland conservation: a quantitative case study using the umbrella index
JT Bried, BD Herman, GN Ervin
Journal of Applied Ecology 44 (4), 833-842, 2007
Evaluating non-native species and wetland indicator status as components of wetlands floristic assessment
GN Ervin, BD Herman, JT Bried, DC Holly
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Influence of a dominant macrophyte, Juncus effusus, on wetland plant species richness, diversity, and community composition
GN Ervin, RG Wetzel
Oecologia 130 (4), 626-636, 2002
Abundance patterns of dragonflies along a wetland buffer
JT Bried, GN Ervin
Wetlands 26 (3), 878-883, 2006
Geographic patterns of genetic diversity from the native range of Cactoblastis cactorum (Berg) support the documented history of invasion and multiple introductions for …
TD Marsico, LE Wallace, GN Ervin, CP Brooks, JE McClure, ME Welch
Biological Invasions 13 (4), 857-868, 2011
Distribution of adult Odonata among localized wetlands in east-central Mississippi
JT Bried, GN Ervin
Southeastern Naturalist 4 (4), 731-744, 2005
Temporal effects on jasmonate induction of anti-herbivore defense in Physalis angulata: seasonal and ontogenetic gradients
AT Doan, G Ervin, G Felton
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 32 (2), 117-126, 2004
Effect of an invasive grass on ambient rates of decomposition and microbial community structure: a search for causality
DC Holly, GN Ervin, CR Jackson, SV Diehl, GT Kirker
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Seed fall and field germination of needlerush, Juncus effusus L.
GN Ervin, RG Wetzel
Aquatic Botany 71 (3), 233-237, 2001
Spatio-temporally variable effects of a dominant macrophyte on vascular plant neighbors
GN Ervin
Wetlands 25 (2), 317-325, 2005
Host plant defense signaling in response to a coevolved herbivore combats introduced herbivore attack
AM Woodard, GN Ervin, TD Marsico
Ecology and Evolution 2 (5), 1056-1064, 2012
The opuntias of Mississippi
LC Majure, GN Ervin
Haseltonia 2008 (14), 111-126, 2008
Relative importance of wetland type versus anthropogenic activities in determining site invasibility
G Ervin, M Smothers, C Holly, C Anderson, J Linville
Biological Invasions 8 (6), 1425-1432, 2006
A global examination on the differential impacts of roadsides on native vs. exotic and weedy plant species
A Lázaro-Lobo, GN Ervin
Global ecology and conservation 17, e00555, 2019
Effects of sodium hypochlorite sterilization and dry cold storage on germination of Juncus effusus L.
GN Ervin, RG Wetzel
Wetlands 22 (1), 191-195, 2002
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