Shahrokh Kazempour-Osaloo
Shahrokh Kazempour-Osaloo
Professor of Systematic & Evolutionary Botany
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A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny: The Legume Phylogeny Working Group (LPWG)
N Azani, M Babineau, CD Bailey, H Banks, AR Barbosa, RB Pinto, ...
taxon 66 (1), 44-77, 2017
Molecular systematics of the genus Astragalus L.(Fabaceae): Phylogenetic analyses of nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers and chloroplast gene ndh F sequences
SK Osaloo, AA Maassoumi, N Murakami
Plant Systematics and Evolution 242, 1-32, 2003
Molecular systematics of the Old World Astragalus (Fabaceae) as inferred from nrDNA ITS sequence data
SH Kazempour Osaloo, AA Maassoumi, N Murakami
Brittonia 57 (4), 367-381, 2005
Molecular cloning, sequence analysis, and expression of a cDNA encoding the luciferase from the glow-worm, Lampyris turkestanicus
BS Alipour, S Hosseinkhani, M Nikkhah, H Naderi-Manesh, MJ Chaichi, ...
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 325 (1), 215-222, 2004
Chemotaxonomic Significance of the Essential Oils of 18 Ferula Species (Apiaceae) from Iran
MR Kanani, MR Rahiminejad, A Sonboli, V Mozaffarian, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 8 (3), 503-517, 2011
Molecular systematics of Trilliaceae II. Phylogenetic analyses of Trillium and its allies using sequences of rbcL and matK genes of cpDNA and internal …
SK Osaloo, S Kawano
Plant Species Biology 14 (1), 75-94, 1999
Molecular Systematics of Trilliaceae I. Phylogenetic Analyses of Trillium Using matK Gene Sequences
SK Osaloo, FH Utech, M Ohara, S Kawano
Journal of Plant Research 112, 35-49, 1999
Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of Tanacetum L. (Compositae, Anthemideae) inferred from nrDNA ITS and cpDNA trnH–psbA sequence variation
A Sonboli, K Stroka, S Kazempour Osaloo, C Oberprieler
Plant Systematics and Evolution 298, 431-444, 2012
Increasing phylogenetic support for explosively radiating taxa: The promise of high‐throughput sequencing for Oxytropis (Fabaceae)
R Shahi Shavvon, S Kazempour Osaloo, AA Maassoumii, F Moharrek, ...
Journal of Systematics and Evolution 55 (4), 385-404, 2017
Phylogenetic status of Vavilovia formosa (Fabaceae-Fabeae) based on nrDNA ITS and cpDNA sequences
R Oskoueiyan, SK Osaloo, AA Maassoumi, T Nejadsattari, V Mozaffarian
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 38 (3), 313-319, 2010
Molecular systematics of the tribe Hedysareae (Fabaceae) based on nrDNA ITS and plastid trnL-F and matK sequences
A Amirahmadi, S Kazempour Osaloo, F Moein, A Kaveh, AA Maassoumi
Plant Systematics and Evolution 300, 729-747, 2014
Molecular phylogeny of the genus Salix (Salicaceae) with an emphasize to its species in Iran
A Abdollahzadeh, OS Kazempour, AA Maassoumi
THE IRANIAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY 17 (234), 244-253, 2011
Biosynthesis, regulation and properties of plant monoterpenoids
P Ramak, SK Osaloo, M Sharifi, H Ebrahimzadeh, M Behmanesh
J. Med. Plant Res 8, 983-991, 2014
Inhibition of the mevalonate pathway enhances carvacrol biosynthesis and DXR gene expression in shoot cultures of Satureja khuzistanica Jamzad
P Ramak, SK Osaloo, H Ebrahimzadeh, M Sharifi, M Behmanesh
Journal of plant Physiology 170 (13), 1187-1193, 2013
Towards a phylogeny for Astragalus section Caprini (Fabaceae) and its allies based on nuclear and plastid DNA sequences
M Riahi, S Zarre, AA Maassoumi, S Kazempour Osaloo, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 293, 119-133, 2011
The phylogeny of Calligonum and Pteropyrum (Polygonaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS and chloroplast trnL-F sequences
S Tavakkoli, S Kazempour Osaloo, AA Maassoumi
Iranian Journal of Biotechnology 8 (1), 7-15, 2010
Phylogenetic relationships, recombination analysis, and genetic variability among diverse variants of tomato yellow leaf curl virus in Iran and the Arabian Peninsula: further …
MR Hosseinzadeh, M Shams-Bakhsh, SK Osaloo, JK Brown
Archives of virology 159, 485-497, 2014
A contribution to the phylogeny of annual species of Astragalus (Fabaceae) in the Old World using hair micromorphology and other morphological characters
F Taeb, S Zarre, D Podlech, HJ Tillich, S Kazempour Osaloo, ...
Feddes Repertorium 118 (5‐6), 206-227, 2007
Molecular phylogeny of Astragalus section Anthylloidei (Fabaceae) inferred from nrDNA ITS and plastid rpl32-trnL (UAG) sequence data
KN Safar, SK Osaloo, AA Maassoumi, S Zarre
Turkish Journal of Botany 38 (4), 637-652, 2014
Molecular phylogeny of selected Old World Astragalus (Fabaceae): incongruence among chloroplast trnL‐F, ndhF and nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS sequences
M Kazemi, S Kazempour Osaloo, A Asghar Maassoumi, ...
Nordic Journal of Botany 27 (5), 425-436, 2009
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