Arie Staal
Arie Staal
Assistant Professor, Utrecht University
Потвърден имейл адрес: uu.nl
Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points
DI Armstrong McKay, A Staal, JF Abrams, R Winkelmann, B Sakschewski, ...
Science 377 (6611), eabn7950, 2022
Self-amplified Amazon forest loss due to vegetation-atmosphere feedbacks
DC Zemp, CF Schleussner, HMJ Barbosa, M Hirota, V Montade, ...
Nature Communications 8, 14681, 2017
A planetary boundary for green water
L Wang-Erlandsson, A Tobian, RJ van der Ent, I Fetzer, S te Wierik, ...
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 3, 380-392, 2022
Forest-rainfall cascades buffer against drought across the Amazon
A Staal, OA Tuinenburg, JHC Bosmans, M Holmgren, EH van Nes, ...
Nature Climate Change 8, 539-543, 2018
What do you mean, ‘tipping point’?
EH van Nes, BMS Arani, A Staal, B van der Bolt, BM Flores, S Bathiany, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31 (12), 902-904, 2016
Feedback between drought and deforestation in the Amazon
A Staal, BM Flores, APD Aguiar, JHC Bosmans, I Fetzer, OA Tuinenburg
Environmental Research Letters 15 (4), 044024, 2020
Hysteresis of tropical forests in the 21st century
A Staal, I Fetzer, L Wang-Erlandsson, JHC Bosmans, SC Dekker, ...
Nature Communications 11, 4978, 2020
Bistability, spatial interaction, and the distribution of tropical forests and savannas
A Staal, SC Dekker, C Xu, EH van Nes
Ecosystems 19 (6), 1080-1091, 2016
Synergistic effects of drought and deforestation on the resilience of the south-eastern Amazon rainforest
A Staal, SC Dekker, M Hirota, EH van Nes
Ecological Complexity 22, 65-75, 2015
Soil erosion as a resilience drain in disturbed tropical forests
BM Flores, A Staal, CC Jakovac, M Hirota, M Holmgren, RS Oliveira
Plant and Soil 450 (1), 11-25, 2020
Tracking the global flows of atmospheric moisture and associated uncertainties
OA Tuinenburg, A Staal
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 24 (5), 2419-2435, 2020
High-resolution global atmospheric moisture connections from evaporation to precipitation
OA Tuinenburg, JJE Theeuwen, A Staal
Earth System Science Data 12 (4), 3177-3188, 2020
Fire forbids fifty-fifty forest
EH van Nes, A Staal, S Hantson, M Holmgren, S Pueyo, RE Bernardi, ...
PLoS ONE 13 (1), e0191027, 2018
Resilience of tropical tree cover: the roles of climate, fire and herbivory
A Staal, EH van Nes, S Hantson, M Holmgren, SC Dekker, S Pueyo, C Xu, ...
Global Change Biology 24 (11), 5096-5109, 2018
Remotely sensed canopy height reveals three pantropical ecosystem states
C Xu, S Hantson, M Holmgren, EH van Nes, A Staal, M Scheffer
Ecology 97 (9), 2518-2521, 2016
Recurrent droughts increase risk of cascading tipping events by outpacing adaptive capacities in the Amazon rainforest
N Wunderling, A Staal, B Sakschewski, M Hirota, OA Tuinenburg, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (32), e2120777119, 2022
Forests buffer against variations in precipitation
JC O'Connor, SC Dekker, A Staal, OA Tuinenburg, KT Rebel, MJ Santos
Global Change Biology 27 (19), 4686-4696, 2021
Sharp ecotones spark sharp ideas: comment on "Structural, physiognomic and above-ground biomass variation in savanna-forest transition zones on three continents–how different …
A Staal, BM Flores
Biogeosciences 12 (18), 5563-5566, 2015
Toward a generalizable framework of disturbance ecology through crowdsourced science
EB Graham, C Averill, B Bond-Lamberty, JE Knelman, S Krause, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 588940, 2021
Dynamics of tipping cascades on complex networks
J Krönke, N Wunderling, R Winkelmann, A Staal, B Stumpf, ...
Physical Review E 101 (4), 042311, 2020
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