charbel Zgheib
charbel Zgheib
Department of Physics & Astronomy, Notre Dame University-Louaize
Потвърден имейл адрес: ndu.edu.lb
Oxygen behavior in aluminum nitride
M Kazan, B Rufflé, C Zgheib, P Masri
Journal of applied physics 98 (10), 103529, 2005
Temperature dependence of Raman-active modes in AlN
M Kazan, C Zgheib, E Moussaed, P Masri
Diamond and related materials 15 (4-8), 1169-1174, 2006
Raman studies of Ge-promoted stress modulation in 3C–SiC grown on Si (111)
C Zgheib, LE McNeil, M Kazan, P Masri, FM Morales, O Ambacher, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87 (4), 041905, 2005
Phonon dynamics in AlN lattice contaminated by oxygen
M Kazan, B Rufflé, C Zgheib, P Masri
Diamond and related materials 15 (10), 1525-1534, 2006
Ge-modified Si(100) substrates for the growth of
C Zgheib, LE McNeil, P Masri, C Förster, FM Morales, T Stauden, ...
Applied physics letters 88 (21), 211909, 2006
Stress and stress monitoring in SiC–Si heterostructures
J Pezoldt, R Nader, F Niebelschütz, V Cimalla, T Stauden, C Zgheib, ...
physica status solidi (a) 205 (4), 867-871, 2008
SIMS investigation of the influence of Ge pre‐deposition on the interface quality between SiC and Si
J Pezoldt, C Zgheib, P Masri, M Averous, FM Morales, R Kosiba, G Ecke, ...
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2004
The role of Ge predeposition temperature in the MBE epitaxy of SiC on Ssilicon
FM Morales, C Zgheib, SI Molina, D Araújo, R García, C Fernández, ...
physica status solidi (c) 1 (2), 341-346, 2004
Stress control in 3C-SiC films grown on Si (111)
C Zgheib, PM Masri, P Weih, O Ambacher, J Pezoldt
Materials Science Forum 457, 301-304, 2004
5 μm thick 3C-SiC layers grown on Ge-modified Si (100) substrates
C Zgheib, E Nassar, M Hamad, R Nader, P Masri, J Pezoldt, G Ferro
Superlattices and Microstructures 40 (4-6), 638-643, 2006
Determination of strain and composition in SiC/Si and AlN/Si heterostructures by FTIR-ellipsometry
J Pezoldt, C Zgheib, V Lebedev, P Masri, O Ambacher
Superlattices and Microstructures 40 (4-6), 612-618, 2006
Investigation of the interface manipulation in SiC (100) on Si (100) with isovalent impurities
J Pezoldt, FM Morales, C Zgheib, C Förster, T Stauden, G Ecke, C Wang, ...
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2006
Infrared ellipsometry of SiC/Si heterostructures with Ge modified interfaces
C Zgheib, C Förster, P Weih, V Cimalla, M Kazan, P Masri, O Ambacher, ...
Thin solid films 455, 183-186, 2004
Effect of Ge incorporation on stoichiometric composition of 3C‐SiC thin films grown on Si (111) substrates
C Zgheib, M Kazan, P Weih, O Ambacher, P Masri, J Pezoldt
physica status solidi (c) 2 (4), 1284-1287, 2005
Ion beam synthesis of 3C–(Si1–xC1–y)Gex+y solid solutions
P Weih, T Stauden, G Ecke, S Shokhovets, C Zgheib, M Voelskow, ...
physica status solidi (a) 202 (4), 545-549, 2005
Diamond Relat. Mater
M Kazan, C Zgheib, E Moussaed, P Masri
Influence of the Ge coverage prior to carbonization on the structure of SiC grown on Si (111)
FM Morales, C Zgheib, SI Molina, D Araujo, R Garcia, C Fernandez, ...
Materials Science Forum 457, 297-300, 2004
Germanium Incorporation in Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Layers Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy on 4H-SiC Substrates
J Pezoldt, C Zgheib, T Stauden, G Ecke, T Kups, HO Jacobs, P Weih
Materials Science Forum 963, 127-130, 2019
A wideband V-shaped coplanar patch antenna for 2-6 GHz designed for energy harvesting and wireless communications
M El Zoghbi, V Abou Hamad, R Ibrahim, A Breard, C Zgheib, E Nassar, ...
International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation 8 (5), 406, 2018
Properties of surface and interface structure of AlN/3C–SiC/Ge/Si (1 1 1) heterostructure
R Nader, M Kazan, C Zgheib, J Pezoldt, P Masri
Journal of Crystal Growth 311 (23-24), 4665-4669, 2009
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