Elizabeth Hauser
Elizabeth Hauser
Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, Duke University
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Association of a peripheral blood metabolic profile with coronary artery disease and risk of subsequent cardiovascular events
SH Shah, JR Bain, MJ Muehlbauer, RD Stevens, DR Crosslin, C Haynes, ...
Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 3 (2), 207-214, 2010
Fine mapping of autistic disorder to chromosome 15q11-q13 by use of phenotypic subtypes
Y Shao, ML Cuccaro, ER Hauser, KL Raiford, MM Menold, CM Wolpert, ...
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Baseline metabolomic profiles predict cardiovascular events in patients at risk for coronary artery disease
SH Shah, JL Sun, RD Stevens, JR Bain, MJ Muehlbauer, KS Pieper, ...
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The Finland–United States investigation of non–insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus genetics (FUSION) study. I. An autosomal genome scan for genes that predispose to type 2 diabetes
S Ghosh, RM Watanabe, TT Valle, ER Hauser, VL Magnuson, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 67 (5), 1174-1185, 2000
Type 2 diabetes: evidence for linkage on chromosome 20 in 716 Finnish affected sib pairs
S Ghosh, RM Watanabe, ER Hauser, T Valle, VL Magnuson, MR Erdos, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (5), 2198-2203, 1999
Affected‐sib‐pair interval mapping and exclusion for complex genetic traits: sampling considerations
ER Hauser, M Boehnke, SW Guo, N Risch
Genetic Epidemiology 13 (2), 117-137, 1996
A genomewide scan for early-onset coronary artery disease in 438 families: the GENECARD Study
ER Hauser, DC Crossman, CB Granger, JL Haines, CJH Jones, V Mooser, ...
The American journal of human genetics 75 (3), 436-447, 2004
Ordered subset analysis in genetic linkage mapping of complex traits
ER Hauser, RM Watanabe, WL Duren, MP Bass, CD Langefeld, ...
Genetic Epidemiology: The Official Publication of the International Genetic …, 2004
Prospective treatment of urea cycle disorders
NE Maestri, ER Hauser, D Bartholomew, SW Brusilow
The Journal of pediatrics 119 (6), 923-928, 1991
Hyperammonemia in women with a mutation at the ornithine carbamoyltransferase locus: a cause of postpartum coma
PH Arn, ER Hauser, GH Thomas, G Herman, D Hess, SW Brusilow
New England Journal of Medicine 322 (23), 1652-1655, 1990
Novel loci and pathways significantly associated with longevity
YI Zeng, C Nie, J Min, X Liu, M Li, H Chen, H Xu, M Wang, T Ni, Y Li, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 21243, 2016
Harmonizing genetic ancestry and self-identified race/ethnicity in genome-wide association studies
H Fang, Q Hui, J Lynch, J Honerlaw, TL Assimes, J Huang, M Vujkovic, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 105 (4), 763-772, 2019
Thymus transplantation in complete DiGeorge syndrome: immunologic and safety evaluations in 12 patients
ML Markert, M Sarzotti, DA Ozaki, GD Sempowski, ME Rhein, LP Hale, ...
Blood 102 (3), 1121-1130, 2003
The Finland–United States investigation of non–insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus genetics (FUSION) study. II. An autosomal genome scan for diabetes-related quantitative-trait …
RM Watanabe, S Ghosh, CD Langefeld, TT Valle, ER Hauser, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 67 (5), 1186-1200, 2000
High heritability of metabolomic profiles in families burdened with premature cardiovascular disease
SH Shah, ER Hauser, JR Bain, MJ Muehlbauer, C Haynes, RD Stevens, ...
Molecular systems biology 5 (1), 258, 2009
Allopurinol-induced orotidinuria: a test for mutations at the ornithine carbamoyltransferase locus in women
ER Hauser, JE Finkelstein, D Valle, SW Brusilow
New England Journal of Medicine 322 (23), 1641-1645, 1990
Methods for precise sizing, automated binning of alleles, and reduction of error rates in large-scale genotyping using fluorescently labeled dinucleotide markers. FUSION …
S Ghosh, ZE Karanjawala, ER Hauser, D Ally, JI Knapp, JB Rayman, ...
Genome Research 7 (2), 165-178, 1997
Familiality of quantitative metabolic traits in Finnish families with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
RM Watanabe, T Valle, ER Hauser, S Ghosh, J Eriksson, K Kohtamäki, ...
Human heredity 49 (3), 159-168, 1999
Peakwide mapping on chromosome 3q13 identifies the kalirin gene as a novel candidate gene for coronary artery disease
L Wang, ER Hauser, SH Shah, MA Pericak-Vance, C Haynes, D Crosslin, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 80 (4), 650-663, 2007
Genomic convergence: identifying candidate genes for Parkinson's disease by combining serial analysis of gene expression and genetic linkage
MA Hauser, YJ Li, S Takeuchi, R Walters, M Noureddine, M Maready, ...
Human molecular genetics 12 (6), 671-677, 2003
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