Jeffrey Weiler
Jeffrey Weiler
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry , University of Western Ontario
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Spinal stretch reflexes support efficient hand control
J Weiler, PL Gribble, JA Pruszynski
Nature neuroscience 22 (4), 529-533, 2019
The unidirectional prosaccade switch-cost: correct and error antisaccades differentially influence the planning times for subsequent prosaccades
JC DeSimone, J Weiler, GS Aber, M Heath
Vision research 96, 17-24, 2014
Task-switching in oculomotor control: unidirectional switch-cost when alternating between pro-and antisaccades
J Weiler, M Heath
Neuroscience Letters 530 (2), 150-154, 2012
Oculomotor task switching: alternating from a nonstandard to a standard response yields the unidirectional prosaccade switch-cost
J Weiler, M Heath
Journal of Neurophysiology 112 (9), 2176-2184, 2014
Goal-dependent modulation of the long-latency stretch response at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist
J Weiler, PL Gribble, JA Pruszynski
Journal of neurophysiology 114 (6), 3242-3254, 2015
A six-month cognitive-motor and aerobic exercise program improves executive function in persons with an objective cognitive impairment: a pilot investigation using the …
M Heath, J Weiler, MA Gregory, DP Gill, RJ Petrella
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 54 (3), 923-931, 2016
Stimulus-driven saccades are characterized by an invariant undershooting bias: no evidence for a range effect
C Gillen, J Weiler, M Heath
Experimental Brain Research 230, 165-174, 2013
The unidirectional prosaccade switch-cost: Electroencephalographic evidence of task-set inertia in oculomotor control
J Weiler, CD Hassall, OE Krigolson, M Heath
Behavioural brain research 278, 323-329, 2015
Coordinating long-latency stretch responses across the shoulder, elbow, and wrist during goal-directed reaching
J Weiler, J Saravanamuttu, PL Gribble, JA Pruszynski
Journal of Neurophysiology 116 (5), 2236-2249, 2016
Revisiting Fitts and Peterson (1964): Width and amplitude manipulations to the reaching environment elicit dissociable movement times.
M Heath, J Weiler, KA Marriott, D Elliott, G Binsted
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/Revue canadienne de psychologie …, 2011
Vector inversion diminishes the online control of antisaccades
M Heath, J Weiler, K Marriott, TN Welsh
Experimental brain research 209, 117-127, 2011
The prior-antisaccade effect influences the planning and online control of prosaccades
J Weiler, M Heath
Experimental brain research 216, 545-552, 2012
Structure of Population Activity in Primary Motor Cortex for Single Finger Flexion and Extension
S Arbuckle, J Weiler, E Kirk, CL Rice, M Schieber, JA Pruszynski, N Ejaz, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 40 (48), 9210-9223, 2020
Repetitive antisaccade execution does not increase the unidirectional prosaccade switch-cost
J Weiler, M Heath
Acta psychologica 146, 67-72, 2014
Spinal stretch reflexes support efficient control of reaching
J Weiler, PL Gribble, JA Pruszynski
Journal of Neurophysiology, 2021
Response suppression delays the planning of subsequent stimulus-driven saccades
J Weiler, T Mitchell, M Heath
PLoS One 9 (1), e86408, 2014
Rapid feedback responses are flexibly coordinated across arm muscles to support goal-directed reaching
J Weiler, PL Gribble, JA Pruszynski
Journal of neurophysiology 119 (2), 537-547, 2018
The antisaccade task: Vector inversion contributes to a statistical summary representation of target eccentricities
M Heath, C Gillen, J Weiler
Journal of vision 15 (4), 4-4, 2015
Pro-and antisaccades: dissociating stimulus and response influences the online control of saccade trajectories
J Weiler, SA Holmes, A Mulla, M Heath
Journal of Motor Behavior 43 (5), 375-381, 2011
Pupil diameter tracked during motor adaptation in humans
A Yokoi, J Weiler
Journal of Neurophysiology 128 (5), 1224-1243, 2022
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