Sohrab Ashrafi
Sohrab Ashrafi
Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj
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Bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Part 10. Bat fauna of Iran
P Benda, K Faizolâhi, M Andreas, J Obuch, A Reiter, M Ševčík, M Uhrin, ...
Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae 76 (1-4), 163-582, 2012
Trophic niche partitioning of cryptic species of long-eared bats in Switzerland: implications for conservation
S Ashrafi, A Beck, M Rutishauser, R Arlettaz, F Bontadina
European Journal of Wildlife Research 57 (4), 843-849, 2011
Modeling relationships between catchment attributes and river water quality in southern catchments of the Caspian Sea
MH Sangani, BJ Amiri, AA Shabani, Y Sakieh, S Ashrafi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (7), 4985-5002, 2015
Habitat selection of three cryptic Plecotus bat species in the European Alps reveals contrasting implications for conservation
S Ashrafi, M Rutishauser, K Ecker, MK Obrist, R Arlettaz, F Bontadina
Biodiversity and conservation 22 (12), 2751-2766, 2013
The challenge posed by newly discovered cryptic species: Disentangling the environmental niches of long‐eared bats
MD Rutishauser, F Bontadina, V Braunisch, S Ashrafi, R Arlettaz
Diversity and Distributions 18 (11), 1107-1119, 2012
Climate change, unpredictable cold waves and possible brakes on plant migration
A Jalili, Z Jamzad, K Thompson, MK Araghi, S Ashrafi, M Hasaninejad, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 19 (5), 642-648, 2010
Management of agricultural water consumption, drought, and supply of water for future demand
A Keshavarz, N Heydari, S Ashrafi
7th Int’l Conference on Sustainable Development and Management of Dry-lands …, 2003
Accumulation of heavy metals and As in liver, hair, femur, and lung of Persian jird (Meriones persicus) in Darreh Zereshk copper mine, Iran
M Khazaee, AH Hamidian, AA Shabani, S Ashrafi, SAA Mirjalili, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23 (4), 3860-3870, 2016
Multiple morphological characters needed for field identification of cryptic long‐eared bat species around the Swiss Alps
S Ashrafi, F Bontadina, A Kiefer, I Pavlinic, R Arlettaz
Journal of zoology 281 (4), 241-248, 2010
A predictive spatial model for gray wolf (Canis lupus) denning sites in a human-dominated landscape in western Iran
M Ahmadi, M Kaboli, E Nourani, AA Shabani, S Ashrafi
Ecological research 28 (3), 513-521, 2013
Impresment Spiritual Intelligence on the Quality of life and Psychological well being among the elderly living nursing home in bandar abbas
SN Zamani, SA Bahrainian, S Ashrafi
Iranian Journal of Geriatric Nursing 1 (4), 82-94, 2015
Improving rainwater productivity with supplemental irrigation in upper Karkheh river basin of Iran
AR Tavakoli, T Oweis, S Ashrafi, H Asadi, H Siadat, A Liaghat
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA …, 2010
Climate change is a major problem for biodiversity conservation: A systematic review of recent studies in Iran
M Yousefi, A Kafash, N Valizadegan, SS Ilanloo, M Rajabizadeh, ...
Contemporary Problems of Ecology 12 (4), 394-403, 2019
Climate change produces winners and losers: Differential responses of amphibians in mountain forests of the Near East
A Kafash, S Ashrafi, A Ohler, M Yousefi, S Malakoutikhah, G Koehler, ...
Global Ecology and Conservation 16, e00471, 2018
Heavy metal bioaccumulation in sediment, common reed, algae, and blood worm from the Shoor river, Iran
AH Hamidian, M Zareh, H Poorbagher, L Vaziri, S Ashrafi
Toxicology and Industrial Health 32 (3), 398-409, 2016
Effect of soil texture on the emission characteristics of porous clay pipe for subsurface irrigation
AD Gupta, MS Babel, S Ashrafi
Irrigation science 27 (3), 201-208, 2009
Study on age-related bioaccumulation of some heavy metals in the soft tissue of rock oyster (Saccostrea cucullata) from Laft Port–Qeshm Island, Iran
SS Alavian Petroody, AH Hamidian, S Ashrafi, S Eagderi, M Khazaee
Effects of landscape context on bird species abundance of tree fall gaps in a temperate deciduous forest of Northern Iran
M Gharehaghaji, AA Shabani, J Feghhi, A Danehkar, M Kaboli, S Ashrafi
Forest Ecology and Management 267, 182-189, 2012
Citizen science data facilitate monitoring of rare large carnivores in remote montane landscapes
MS Farhadinia, RJ Moll, RA Montgomery, S Ashrafi, PJ Johnson, ...
Ecological Indicators 94, 283-291, 2018
Investigating environmental factors for locating mangrove ex-situ conservation zones using GIS spatial techniques and the logistic regression algorithm in mangrove forests in Iran
H Petrosian, AD Kar, S Ashrafi, J Feghhi
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 25 (5), 2097-2106, 2016
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