Nick Barber
Nick Barber
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, San Diego State University
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Birds as predators in tropical agroforestry systems
SAV Bael, SM Philpott, R Greenberg, P Bichier, NA Barber, KA Mooney, ...
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Interactions among predators and the cascading effects of vertebrate insectivores on arthropod communities and plants
KA Mooney, DS Gruner, NA Barber, SA Van Bael, SM Philpott, ...
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How do belowground organisms influence plant–pollinator interactions?
NA Barber, NL Soper Gorden
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Herbivory reduces plant interactions with above-and belowground antagonists and mutualists
NA Barber, LS Adler, NA Theis, RV Hazzard, T Kiers
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Invasive prey impacts the abundance and distribution of native predators
NA Barber, RJ Marquis, WP Tori
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An empirical evaluation of the insurance hypothesis in diversity–stability models
TJ Valone, NA Barber
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Effects of above-and belowground herbivory on growth, pollination, and reproduction in cucumber
NA Barber, LS Adler, HL Bernardo
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Leaf quality, predators, and stochastic processes in the assembly of a diverse herbivore community
NA Barber, RJ Marquis
Ecology 92 (3), 699-708, 2011
Soil microbial community composition in tallgrass prairie restorations converge with remnants across a 27‐year chronosequence
NA Barber, KM Chantos‐Davidson, R Amel Peralta, JP Sherwood, ...
Environmental Microbiology 19 (8), 3118-3131, 2017
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NA Barber, ET Kiers, N Theis, RV Hazzard, LS Adler
Ecological Applications 23 (7), 1519-1530, 2013
Phylogenetic diversity is maintained despite richness losses over time in restored tallgrass prairie plant communities
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Context-dependency of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant-insect interactions in an agroecosystem
NA Barber, ET Kiers, RV Hazzard, LS Adler
Frontiers in Plant Science 4, 338, 2013
Light environment and the impacts of foliage quality on herbivorous insect attack and bird predation
NA Barber, RJ Marquis
Oecologia 166, 401-409, 2011
Apparent competition and native consumers exacerbate the strong competitive effect of an exotic plant species
JL Orrock, HP Dutra, RJ Marquis, N Barber
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Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on herbivory defense in two Solanum (Solanaceae) species
MM Minton, NA Barber, LL Gordon
Plant Ecology and Evolution 149 (2), 157-164, 2016
Leaf pubescence affects distribution and abundance of generalist slug caterpillars (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae)
JT Lill, RJ Marquis, RE Forkner, J Le Corff, N Holmberg, NA Barber
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Species and functional trait re-assembly of ground beetle communities in restored grasslands
NA Barber, KA Lamagdeleine-Dent, JE Willand, HP Jones, KW McCravy
Biodiversity and Conservation 26, 3481-3498, 2017
Root herbivory indirectly affects above‐and below‐ground community members and directly reduces plant performance
NA Barber, NJ Milano, ET Kiers, N Theis, V Bartolo, RV Hazzard, LS Adler
Journal of Ecology 103 (6), 1509-1518, 2015
Effects of management outweigh effects of plant diversity on restored animal communities in tallgrass prairies
PW Guiden, NA Barber, R Blackburn, A Farrell, J Fliginger, SC Hosler, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (5), e2015421118, 2021
Attracting mutualists and antagonists: plant trait variation explains the distribution of specialist floral herbivores and pollinators on crops and wild gourds
N Theis, NA Barber, SD Gillespie, RV Hazzard, LS Adler
American Journal of Botany 101 (8), 1314-1322, 2014
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