Jérémy Derory
Jérémy Derory
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Transcriptome analysis of bud burst in sessile oak (Quercus petraea)
J Derory, P Léger, V Garcia, J Schaeffer, MT Hauser, F Salin, C Luschnig, ...
New Phytologist 170 (4), 723-738, 2006
Comparison of quantitative trait loci for adaptive traits between oak and chestnut based on an expressed sequence tag consensus map
M Casasoli, J Derory, C Morera-Dutrey, O Brendel, I Porth, JM Guehl, ...
Genetics 172 (1), 533-546, 2006
Imprints of Natural Selection Along Environmental Gradients in Phenology-Related Genes of Quercus petraea
FJ Alberto, J Derory, C Boury, JM Frigerio, NE Zimmermann, A Kremer
Genetics 195 (2), 495-512, 2013
Bioinformatic analysis of ESTs collected by Sanger and pyrosequencing methods for a keystone forest tree species: oak
S Ueno, G Le Provost, V Léger, C Klopp, C Noirot, JM Frigerio, F Salin, ...
BMC genomics 11 (1), 1-24, 2010
Contrasting relationships between the diversity of candidate genes and variation of bud burst in natural and segregating populations of European oaks
J Derory, C Scotti-Saintagne, E Bertocchi, L Le Dantec, N Graignic, ...
Heredity 104 (5), 438-448, 2010
Population differentiation of sessile oak at the altitudinal front of migration in the French Pyrenees
F Alberto, J Niort, J Derory, O Lepais, R Vitalis, D Galop, A Kremer
Molecular Ecology 19 (13), 2626-2639, 2010
Transcriptional profiling of bud dormancy induction and release in oak by next-generation sequencing
S Ueno, C Klopp, JC Leplé, J Derory, C Noirot, V Léger, E Prince, ...
BMC genomics 14 (1), 1-15, 2013
Fagaceae trees
A Kremer, M Casasoli, T Barreneche, C Bodénès, P Sisco, T Kubisiak, ...
Forest trees, 161-187, 2007
Characterisation and natural variation of a dehydrin gene in Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.
B Vornam, O Gailing, J Derory, C Plomion, A Kremer, R Finkeldey
Plant Biology 13 (6), 881-887, 2011
What can nuclear microsatellites tell us about maritime pine genetic resources conservation and provenance certification strategies?
J Derory, S Mariette, SC Gonzaléz-Martínez, D Chagné, D Madura, ...
Annals of Forest Science 59 (5-6), 699-708, 2002
Transcriptional changes in two types of pre-mycorrhizal roots and in ectomycorrhizas of oak microcuttings inoculated with Piloderma croceum
P Frettinger, J Derory, S Herrmann, C Plomion, F Lapeyrie, R Oelmüller, ...
Planta 225 (2), 331-340, 2007
Different mutations in the ZmCAD2 gene underlie the maize brown-midrib1 (bm1) phenotype with similar effects on lignin characteristics and have potential interest …
H Chavigneau, S Delaunay, AA Courtial, M Bosio, H Lassagne, J Derory, ...
Maydica 58 (1-4), 6-20, 2013
Naturally occurring nucleotide diversity in candidate genes for forest tree adaptation: magnitude, distribution and association with quantitative trait variation
B Vornam, O Gailing, R Finkeldey, C Collada, M Guevera, A Soto, ...
GABI—The German Plant Genome Research Program Progress Report 2007, 116-120, 2004
Clustering of environmental parameters discriminates drought and heat stress bread wheat trials
B Bouffier, J Derory, A Murigneux, M Reynolds, J Le Gouis
Agronomy Journal 107 (4), 1489-1503, 2015
Breeding for Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Wheat Varieties: An Integrated Approach from Genomics to Selection
E Paux, S Lafarge, F Balfourier, J Derory, G Charmet, M Alaux, G Perchet, ...
Biology 11 (1), 149, 2022
Development of genomic resources in oak to study the structure, variability, evolution and functioning of its genome
C Plomion, F Salin, JM Frigerio, C Bodenes, PF Rampant, J Derory, ...
Tree Biotechnology 2007, 33p., 2007
Grain carbon isotope composition is a marker for allocation and harvest index in wheat
J Domergue, C Abadie, J Lalande, J Deswarte, E Ober, V Laurent, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment, 2022
Population genomics of clines: Nucleotide diversity of bud burst candidate genes in sessile oak populations from latitudinal and altitudinal gradients
F Alberto, J Derory, A Kremer
Wheat comprising male fertility restorer alleles
P Varenne, J Comadran, S Specel, A Murigneux, J MELONEK, I Small, ...
[NIL-N] Caractérisation de régions chromosomiques pour augmenter l’efficacité d’utilisation de l’azote et la teneur en protéines
M Throude, J Le Gouis, J Salse, C Pont, S Rougeol, K Beauchene, ...
7. Rencontre Scientifique du FSOV, 104 p., 2019
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