Jianwei XU
Jianwei XU
Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment
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Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-based hybrid materials and their applications
H Zhou, Q Ye, J Xu
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 1 (2), 212-230, 2017
Defect engineering in thermoelectric materials: what have we learned?
Y Zheng, TJ Slade, L Hu, XY Tan, Y Luo, ZZ Luo, J Xu, Q Yan, ...
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Conjugated polymer-based electrochromics: materials, device fabrication and application prospects
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Amorphous/crystalline heterostructured cobalt‐vanadium‐iron (oxy) hydroxides for highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction
M Kuang, J Zhang, D Liu, H Tan, KN Dinh, L Yang, H Ren, W Huang, ...
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Interfacing epitaxial dinickel phosphide to 2D nickel thiophosphate nanosheets for boosting electrocatalytic water splitting
Q Liang, L Zhong, C Du, Y Luo, J Zhao, Y Zheng, J Xu, J Ma, C Liu, S Li, ...
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Multifunctional 0D–2D Ni2P Nanocrystals–Black Phosphorus Heterostructure
ZZ Luo, Y Zhang, C Zhang, HT Tan, Z Li, A Abutaha, XL Wu, Q Xiong, ...
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2D black phosphorus for energy storage and thermoelectric applications
Y Zhang, Y Zheng, K Rui, HH Hng, K Hippalgaonkar, J Xu, W Sun, J Zhu, ...
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Promoting electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction and oxygen evolution reaction by fields: effects of electric field, magnetic field, strain, and light
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Cubic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based functional materials: Synthesis, assembly, and applications
Q Ye, H Zhou, J Xu
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Viologen-based electrochromic materials: From small molecules, polymers and composites to their applications
KW Shah, SX Wang, DXY Soo, J Xu
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Superhydrophobic fluorinated POSS–PVDF-HFP nanocomposite coating on glass by electrospinning
VA Ganesh, AS Nair, HK Raut, TTY Tan, C He, S Ramakrishna, J Xu
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Electrical conductivity of polyaniline–dodecylbenzene sulphonic acid complex: thermal degradation and its mechanism
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Trimeric supramolecular liquid crystals induced by halogen bonds
J Xu, X Liu, JKP Ng, T Lin, C He
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Enhancement of thermoelectric performance of PEDOT: PSS films by post-treatment with a superacid
X Wang, AKK Kyaw, C Yin, F Wang, Q Zhu, T Tang, PI Yee, J Xu
RSC advances 8 (33), 18334-18340, 2018
Efficient Nitrate Synthesis via Ambient Nitrogen Oxidation with Ru‐Doped TiO2/RuO2 Electrocatalysts
M Kuang, Y Wang, W Fang, H Tan, M Chen, J Yao, C Liu, J Xu, K Zhou, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (26), 2002189, 2020
Thermoelectric materials and transport physics
N Jia, J Cao, XY Tan, J Dong, H Liu, CKI Tan, J Xu, Q Yan, XJ Loh, ...
Materials Today Physics 21, 100519, 2021
Aggregation-induced emission (AIE)-active polymers for explosive detection
H Zhou, MH Chua, BZ Tang, J Xu
Polymer Chemistry 10 (28), 3822-3840, 2019
Ultra-high Seebeck coefficient and low thermal conductivity of a centimeter-sized perovskite single crystal acquired by a modified fast growth method
T Ye, X Wang, X Li, AQ Yan, S Ramakrishna, J Xu
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (5), 1255-1260, 2017
n‐Type SnSe2 Oriented‐Nanoplate‐Based Pellets for High Thermoelectric Performance
Y Luo, Y Zheng, Z Luo, S Hao, C Du, Q Liang, Z Li, KA Khor, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (8), 1702167, 2018
High Thermoelectric Performance in Polycrystalline SnSe Via Dual‐Doping with Ag/Na and Nanostructuring With Ag8SnSe6
Y Luo, S Cai, X Hua, H Chen, Q Liang, C Du, Y Zheng, J Shen, J Xu, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (2), 1803072, 2019
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