Wendy H. Yang
Wendy H. Yang
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Nitrogen loss from soil through anaerobic ammonium oxidation coupled to iron reduction
WH Yang, KA Weber, WL Silver
Nature Geoscience 5 (8), 538-541, 2012
Controls on long‐term root and leaf litter decomposition in neotropical forests
DF Cusack, WW Chou, WH Yang, ME Harmon, WL Silver, Lidet Team
Global Change Biology 15 (5), 1339-1355, 2009
Beyond carbon and nitrogen: how the microbial energy economy couples elemental cycles in diverse ecosystems
AJ Burgin, WH Yang, SK Hamilton, WL Silver
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9 (1), 44-52, 2011
How strong is intracanopy leaf plasticity in temperate deciduous trees?
L Sack, PJ Melcher, WH Liu, E Middleton, T Pardee
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Ecological and genomic attributes of novel bacterial taxa that thrive in subsurface soil horizons
TE Brewer, EL Aronson, K Arogyaswamy, SA Billings, JK Botthoff, ...
MBio 10 (5), 10.1128/mbio. 01318-19, 2019
Soils' dirty little secret: Depth‐based comparisons can be inadequate for quantifying changes in soil organic carbon and other mineral soil properties
AC von Haden, WH Yang, EH DeLucia
Global Change Biology 26 (7), 3759-3770, 2020
Beyond denitrification: the role of microbial diversity in controlling nitrous oxide reduction and soil nitrous oxide emissions
J Shan, RA Sanford, J Chee‐Sanford, SK Ooi, FE Löffler, ...
Global change biology 27 (12), 2669-2683, 2021
Woody debris contribution to the carbon budget of selectively logged and maturing mid-latitude forests
WH Liu, DM Bryant, LR Hutyra, SR Saleska, E Hammond-Pyle, D Curran, ...
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Frontiers in alley cropping: Transformative solutions for temperate agriculture
KJ Wolz, ST Lovell, BE Branham, WC Eddy, K Keeley, RS Revord, ...
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Cross-biome assessment of gross soil nitrogen cycling in California ecosystems
WH Yang, RA Ryals, DF Cusack, WL Silver
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 107, 144-155, 2017
A test of a field‐based 15N–nitrous oxide pool dilution technique to measure gross N2O production in soil
WH Yang, YA Teh, WL Silver
Global Change Biology 17 (12), 3577-3588, 2011
Dynamic biochar effects on soil nitrous oxide emissions and underlying microbial processes during the maize growing season
JD Edwards, CM Pittelkow, AD Kent, WH Yang
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 122, 81-90, 2018
Looking back to look ahead: a vision for soil denitrification research
M Almaraz, MY Wong, WH Yang
Ecology 101 (1), e02917, 2020
Gross nitrous oxide production drives net nitrous oxide fluxes across a salt marsh landscape
WH Yang, WL Silver
Global change biology 22 (6), 2228-2237, 2016
Historical soil drainage mediates the response of soil greenhouse gas emissions to intense precipitation events
AH Krichels, EH DeLucia, R Sanford, J Chee-Sanford, WH Yang
Biogeochemistry, 1-18, 2019
New high precision approach for measuring 15N–N2 gas fluxes from terrestrial ecosystems
WH Yang, AC McDowell, PD Brooks, WL Silver
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 69, 234-241, 2014
High potential for iron reduction in upland soils
WH Yang, D Liptzin
Ecology 96 (7), 2015-2020, 2015
Net soil–atmosphere fluxes mask patterns in gross production and consumption of nitrous oxide and methane in a managed ecosystem
WH Yang, WL Silver
Biogeosciences 13 (5), 1705-1715, 2016
Continental-scale patterns of extracellular enzyme activity in the subsoil: an overlooked reservoir of microbial activity
NC Dove, K Arogyaswamy, SA Billings, JK Botthoff, CJ Carey, C Cisco, ...
Environmental Research Letters 15 (10), 1040a1, 2020
Microtopographic differences in soil properties and microbial community composition at the field scale
N Suriyavirun, AH Krichels, AD Kent, WH Yang
Soil Biology & Biochemistry 131, 71-80, 2019
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