Pierre Kornprobst
Pierre Kornprobst
Researcher, INRIA, France
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Mathematical problems in image processing: partial differential equations and the calculus of variations
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Bilateral filtering: Theory and applications
S Paris, P Kornprobst, J Tumblin, F Durand
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A gentle introduction to bilateral filtering and its applications
S Paris
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Action recognition using a bio-inspired feedforward spiking network
MJ Escobar, GS Masson, T Vieville, P Kornprobst
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The use of super‐resolution techniques to reduce slice thickness in functional MRI
RR Peeters, P Kornprobst, M Nikolova, S Sunaert, T Vieville, G Malandain, ...
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Nonlinear operators in image restoration
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Can the nonlocal characterization of Sobolev spaces by Bourgain et al. be useful for solving variational problems?
G Aubert, P Kornprobst
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PDE-based methods
G Aubert, P Kornprobst
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The inverse EEG and MEG problems: The adjoint state approach I: The continuous case
O Faugeras, F Clément, R Deriche, R Keriven, T Papadopoulo, J Roberts, ...
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A Mathematical Study of the Relaxed Optical Flow Problem in the Space
G Aubert, P Kornprobst
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Rank order coding: a retinal information decoding strategy revealed by large-scale multielectrode array retinal recordings
G Portelli, JM Barrett, G Hilgen, T Masquelier, A Maccione, S Di Marco, ...
eneuro 3 (3), 2016
Pan-retinal characterisation of light responses from ganglion cells in the developing mouse retina
G Hilgen, S Pirmoradian, D Pamplona, P Kornprobst, B Cessac, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 42330, 2017
Tracking segmented objects using tensor voting
P Kornprobst, G Medioni
Proceedings IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR …, 2000
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