Valdir Cechinel Filho
Valdir Cechinel Filho
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A review of the plants of the genus Phyllanthus: Their chemistry, pharmacology, and therapeutic potential
JB Calixto, ARS Santos, VC Filho, RA Yunes
Medicinal research reviews 18 (4), 225-258, 1998
Naturally occurring antinociceptive substances from plants
JB Calixto, A Beirith, J Ferreira, ARS Santos, VC Filho, RA Yunes
Phytotherapy Research: An International Journal Devoted to Pharmacological …, 2000
Estratégias para a obtenção de compostos farmacologicamente ativos a partir de plantas medicinais: conceitos sobre modificação estrutural para otimização da atividade
V Cechinel Filho, RA Yunes
Química nova 21, 99-105, 1998
Fármacos e fitoterápicos: a necessidade do desenvolvimento da indústria de fitoterápicos e fitofármacos no Brasil
RA Yunes, RC Pedrosa, V Cechinel Filho
Química nova 24, 147-152, 2001
Plantas do gênero Bauhinia: composição química e potencial farmacológico
KL Silva, V Cechinel Filho
Química nova 25, 449-454, 2002
Synthesis of chalcone analogues with increased antileishmanial activity
P Boeck, CAB Falcão, PC Leal, RA Yunes, V Cechinel Filho, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 14 (5), 1538-1545, 2006
Analgesic Effects of Callus Culture Extracts from Selected Species of Phyllanthus in Mice
ARS Santos, VC Filho, R Niero, AM Viana, FN Moreno, MM Campos, ...
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 46 (9), 755-759, 1994
Acute and subacute toxicity of the hydroalcoholic extract from Wedelia paludosa (Acmela brasiliensis)(Asteraceae) in mice
C Burger, DR Fischer, DA Cordenunzzi, AP Batschauer Filho, SAR VC
J Pharm Sci 8 (2), 370-373, 2005
Chemical composition and biological potential of plants from the genus Bauhinia
VC Filho
Phytotherapy Research: An International Journal Devoted to Pharmacological …, 2009
Value of the ethnomedical information for the discovery of plants with antifungal properties. A survey among seven Latin American countries
L Svetaz, F Zuljan, M Derita, E Petenatti, G Tamayo, A Cáceres, ...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 127 (1), 137-158, 2010
Quercetin: further investigation of its antinociceptive properties and mechanisms of action
AW Filho, VC Filho, L Olinger, MM de Souza
Archives of pharmacal research 31, 713-721, 2008
In vitro antifungal activity of dragon's blood from Croton urucurana against dermatophytes
LA Gurgel, JJC Sidrim, DT Martins, V Cechinel Filho, VS Rao
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 97 (2), 409-412, 2005
Antioedematogenic effect of marrubiin obtained from Marrubium vulgare
HK Stulzer, MP Tagliari, JA Zampirolo, V Cechinel-Filho, V Schlemper
Journal of ethnopharmacology 108 (3), 379-384, 2006
Analgesic potential of marrubiin derivatives, a bioactive diterpene present in Marrubium vulgare (Lamiaceae)
C Meyre-Silva, RA Yunes, V Schlemper, F Campos-Buzzi, ...
Il Farmaco 60 (4), 321-326, 2005
Antinociceptive activity of I3, II8-binaringenin, a biflavonoid present in plants of the guttiferae
M Bittar, MM de Souza, RA Yunes, R Lento, F Delle Monache, ...
Planta medica 66 (01), 84-86, 2000
Protective properties of butanolic extract of the Calendula officinalis L.(marigold) against lipid peroxidation of rat liver microsomes and action as free radical …
CAS Cordova, IR Siqueira, CA Netto, RA Yunes, AM Volpato, VC Filho, ...
Redox report 7 (2), 95-102, 2002
Analysis of the antinociceptive properties of marrubiin isolated from Marrubium vulgare
RAP De Jesus, V Cechinel-Filho, AE Oliveira, V Schlemper
Phytomedicine 7 (2), 111-115, 2000
Antifungal activity and studies on mode of action of novel xanthoxyline‐derived chalcones
P Boeck, PC Leal, RA Yunes, VC Filho, S López, M Sortino, A Escalante, ...
Archiv der Pharmazie: An International Journal Pharmaceutical and Medicinal …, 2005
Evaluation of antifungal activity of Piper solmsianum C. DC. var. solmsianum (Piperaceae)
MP De Campos, V Cechinel Filho, RZ Da Silva, RA Yunes, S Zacchino, ...
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 28 (8), 1527-1530, 2005
Chemical and pharmacological examination of antinociceptive constituents of Wedelia paludosa
LC Block, ARS Santos, MM de Souza, C Scheidt, RA Yunes, MA Santos, ...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 61 (1), 85-89, 1998
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