Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science
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Utilization of biochar in improving yield of wheat in Bangladesh
MT Iqbal
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 2 (1), 53-74, 2017
Statistical Assessment of Fluvisols in “Gladino” Gravel Quarry, Chelopechene, Bulgaria
V Ilinkin, P Zhelev, D Dimitrov
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 2 (2), 133-147, 2017
Tropical soils: importance, research and management
OS Kostov
Utar Agriculture Science Journal 2 (3), 22-27, 2016
Organic matter content and composition of soils with stagnic properties from Bulgaria
B Hristov, E Filcheva, P Ivanov
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 1 (1), 26-32, 2016
Chemical composition of soil solutions of technosols from a coal mine region in South-Eastern Europe
T Simeonova, M Benkova, L Nenova, I Atanassova
Bul J Soil Sci 3 (1), 4-12, 2018
New Holistic Approach for Tree Eustress Assessment and Influenced Climatic Types Classification (Example with Mountain Forest Trees in Bulgaria)
M Lyubenova
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 1 (1), 79-91, 2016
Content and Behavior of Radiocesium in Undisturbed Bulgarian Soils
I Yordanova, D Staneva, L Misheva
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 1 (2), 140-146, 2016
Cambisols Classification in „Central Balkan” National Park
L Malinova
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, 20, 2016
Risk assessment of non-uniformity in irrigation and fertilization for a furrow set under climate uncertainties in the Sofia field
Z Popova
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 1 (2), 170-186, 2016
Maize (Zea mays) Biomass and Yield as Influenced by Leguminous and Non-Leguminous Mulch Types in Southwestern Nigeria
M Awopegba, M Awodun, S Oladele
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 1 (2), 154-169, 2016
Response of Pasture Grasses to Inoculation With Mycorrhizal Fungi and N-Fixing Bacteria
E Djonova, G Petkova, I Stancheva, M Geneva, T Michovsky
BJSS 1, 64-77, 2016
Geochemical patterns of soils in the Bobov dol valley, Bulgaria. Assessment of Cu, Pb and Zn contents.
V Tsolova, I Nikova, B Hristov, K Ruskov, A Zdravkov
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 1 (2), 122-139, 2016
Detection of similar Homoclimates by Numerical Analysis
AN Sadovski
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 4 (1), 69-75, 2019
Some Features of Cambisols Soil-Forming Process from Training and Experimental Forest Range (TEFR)„Petrohan” Region.
K Petrova
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 3 (2), 2018
Changes in Biomass Accumulation and Soil Properties After Fertilization of Ryegrass
V Kachova
Bulgarian Journal or Soil Science 3 (2), 143-149, 2018
Contemporary aspects of soil eco-chemistry and geochemistry in Bulgaria
I Atanassova
Bulg J Soil Sci 1 (1), 33-59, 2017
Characteristics of Rendzinas in the Ludogorie Region
V Ilinkin, S Bogdanov, A Goleva
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 2 (1), 32-41, 2017
Fertility of Soils over Loess in the Danubian Plain
B Hristov, I Nikova, N Andreeva
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 2 (2), 123-132, 2017
Natural radionuclides in soils selected regions in Bulgaria affected by natural and anthropogenic processes
R Lazarova, I Yordanova, D Staneva
Bulgarian J. Soil. Sci 2, 106, 2017
Horizon Differences in Micronutrient Contents of Soils of the Coastal Plain Sands in Imo State, South-East Nigeria, Micronutrient Contents of Pedons formed under Coastal Plain …
CM Ahukaemere, DN Osujieke, BN Ndukwu
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 2 (2), 112-122, 2017
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