Jan Axtner
Jan Axtner
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Gene duplication, allelic diversity, selection processes and adaptive value of MHC class II DRB genes of the bank vole, Clethrionomys glareolus
J Axtner, S Sommer
Immunogenetics 59, 417-426, 2007
Adverse drug reactions and expected effects to therapy with subcutaneous mistletoe extracts (Viscum album L.) in cancer patients
ML Steele, J Axtner, A Happe, M Kröz, H Matthes, F Schad
Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 724258, 2014
Shifting up a gear with iDNA: From mammal detection events to standardised surveys
JF Abrams, LA Hörig, R Brozovic, J Axtner, A Crampton‐Platt, A Mohamed, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (7), 1637-1648, 2019
Identifying conservation priorities in a defaunated tropical biodiversity hotspot
A Tilker, JF Abrams, AN Nguyen, L Hörig, J Axtner, J Louvrier, ...
Diversity and Distributions 26 (4), 426-440, 2020
Use and Safety of Intratumoral Application of European Mistletoe (Viscum album L) Preparations in Oncology
ML Steele, J Axtner, A Happe, M Kröz, H Matthes, F Schad
Integrative Cancer Therapies 14 (2), 140-148, 2015
Safety of intravenous application of mistletoe (Viscum album L.) preparations in oncology: an observational study
ML Steele, J Axtner, A Happe, M Kröz, H Matthes, F Schad
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine: eCAM 2014, 2014
An efficient and robust laboratory workflow and tetrapod database for larger scale environmental DNA studies
J Axtner, A Crampton-Platt, LA Hörig, A Mohamed, CCY Xu, DW Yu, ...
GigaScience 8 (4), giz029, 2019
Health services research of integrative oncology in palliative care of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer
J Axtner, M Steele, M Kröz, G Spahn, H Matthes, F Schad
BMC cancer 16, 1-10, 2016
Network Oncology (NO)-a clinical cancer register for health services research and the evaluation of integrative therapeutic interventions in anthroposophic medicine
F Schad, J Axtner, A Happe, T Breitkreuz, C Paxino, J Gutsch, B Matthes, ...
Forschende Komplementärmedizin/Research in Complementary Medicine 20 (5 …, 2013
Validation of internal reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in a non-model organism, the yellow-necked mouse, Apodemus flavicollis
J Axtner, S Sommer
BMC Research Notes 2, 1-7, 2009
Safety of Combined Treatment With Monoclonal Antibodies and Viscum album L Preparations
F Schad, J Axtner, M Kröz, H Matthes, ML Steele
Integrative Cancer Therapies 17 (1), 41-51, 2018
Permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 April 2010–31 May 2010
Molecular Ecology Resources Primer Development Consortium, ...
Molecular ecology resources 10 (6), 1098-1105, 2010
Non‐invasive surveys of mammalian viruses using environmental DNA
N Alfano, A Dayaram, J Axtner, K Tsangaras, ML Kampmann, A Mohamed, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12 (10), 1941-1952, 2021
Using terrestrial leeches to assess the genetic diversity of an elusive species: The Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi
TV Nguyen, A Tilker, A Nguyen, L Hörig, J Axtner, A Schmidt, M Le, ...
Environmental DNA 3 (4), 780-791, 2021
Studying terrestrial mammals in tropical rainforests. A user guide for camera-trapping and environmental DNA
JF Abrams, J Axtner, T Bhagwat, A Mohamed, A Nguyen, J Niedballa, ...
Leibniz-IZW, Berlin, Germany, 2018
Selection and validation of reference genes for real-time RT-PCR studies in the non-model species Delomys sublineatus, an endemic Brazilian rodent
A Weyrich, J Axtner, S Sommer
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 392 (2), 145-149, 2010
The functional importance of sequence versus expression variability of MHC alleles in parasite resistance
J Axtner, S Sommer
Genetica 140, 407-420, 2012
Are associations of immune gene expression, body condition and parasite burden detectable in nature? A case study in an endemic rodent from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
N Schwensow, J Axtner, S Sommer
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 11 (1), 23-30, 2011
Heligmosomoides polygyrus infection is associated with lower MHC class II gene expression in Apodemus flavicollis: Indication for immune suppression?
J Axtner, S Sommer
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 11 (8), 2063-2071, 2011
Leeches as a source of mammalian viral DNA and RNA—A study in medicinal leeches
ML Kampmann, IB Schnell, RH Jensen, J Axtner, AF Sander, AJ Hansen, ...
European journal of wildlife research 63, 1-6, 2017
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