Andre Bardow
Andre Bardow
Professor of Energy & Process Systems Engineering, ETH Zurich
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Carbon capture and storage (CCS): the way forward
M Bui, CS Adjiman, A Bardow, EJ Anthony, A Boston, S Brown, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (5), 1062-1176, 2018
Sustainable Conversion of Carbon Dioxide: An Integrated Review of Catalysis and Life Cycle Assessment
J Artz, TE Müller, K Thenert, J Kleinekorte, R Meys, A Sternberg, ...
Chemical Reviews 118 (2), 434-504, 2018
Power-to-What?–Environmental assessment of energy storage systems
A Sternberg, A Bardow
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (2), 389-400, 2015
Life-cycle assessment of carbon dioxide capture and utilization: avoiding the pitfalls
N von der Assen, J Jung, A Bardow
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (9), 2721-2734, 2013
Climate change mitigation potential of carbon capture and utilization in the chemical industry
A Kätelhön, R Meys, S Deutz, S Suh, A Bardow
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (23), 11187-11194, 2019
Life cycle assessment of CO 2 capture and utilization: a tutorial review
N Von Der Assen, P Voll, M Peters, A Bardow
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (23), 7982-7994, 2014
Life cycle assessment of polyols for polyurethane production using CO 2 as feedstock: insights from an industrial case study
N von der Assen, A Bardow
Green Chemistry 16 (6), 3272-3280, 2014
Cleaner production of cleaner fuels: wind-to-wheel–environmental assessment of CO 2-based oxymethylene ether as a drop-in fuel
S Deutz, D Bongartz, B Heuser, A Kätelhön, LS Langenhorst, A Omari, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (2), 331-343, 2018
Life-cycle assessment of an industrial direct air capture process based on temperature–vacuum swing adsorption
S Deutz, A Bardow
Nature Energy 6 (2), 203-213, 2021
Selecting CO2 Sources for CO2 Utilization by Environmental-Merit-Order Curves
N von der Assen, LJ Müller, A Steingrube, P Voll, A Bardow
Environmental science & technology 50 (3), 1093-1101, 2016
Efficient technologies for worldwide clean water supply
F Macedonio, E Drioli, AA Gusev, A Bardow, R Semiat, M Kurihara
Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 51, 2-17, 2012
Automated superstructure-based synthesis and optimization of distributed energy supply systems
P Voll, C Klaffke, M Hennen, A Bardow
Energy 50, 374-388, 2013
Towards a circular economy for plastic packaging wastes–the environmental potential of chemical recycling
R Meys, F Frick, S Westhues, A Sternberg, J Klankermayer, A Bardow
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 162, 105010, 2020
Life cycle assessment of CO 2-based C1-chemicals
A Sternberg, CM Jens, A Bardow
Green Chemistry 19 (9), 2244-2259, 2017
Continuous-molecular targeting for integrated solvent and process design
A Bardow, K Steur, J Gross
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (6), 2834-2840, 2010
Cononsolvency of poly-N-isopropyl acrylamide (PNIPAM): Microgels versus linear chains and macrogels
C Scherzinger, A Schwarz, A Bardow, K Leonhard, W Richtering
Current opinion in colloid & interface science 19 (2), 84-94, 2014
Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emission plastics by a circular carbon economy
R Meys, A Kätelhön, M Bachmann, B Winter, C Zibunas, S Suh, A Bardow
Science 374 (6563), 71-76, 2021
PM; Webley, P.; Wilcox
M Bui, CS Adjiman, A Bardow, EJ Anthony, A Boston, S Brown, ...
J, 0
Simultaneous optimization of working fluid and process for organic Rankine cycles using PC-SAFT
M Lampe, M Stavrou, HM Bucker, J Groß, A Bardow
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (21), 8821-8830, 2014
Calculating thermodynamic properties from fluctuations at small scales
SK Schnell, X Liu, JM Simon, A Bardow, D Bedeaux, TJH Vlugt, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (37), 10911-10918, 2011
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