Philipp Alexander Schroeder
Philipp Alexander Schroeder
Department of Psychology, University of Tübingen
Потвърден имейл адрес: uni-tuebingen.de
Targeting the biased brain: non-invasive brain stimulation to ameliorate cognitive control
C Plewnia, PA Schroeder, L Wolkenstein
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Keep Calm and Carry On: Improved Frustration Tolerance and Processing Speed by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS).
C Plewnia, PA Schroeder, R Kunze, F Faehling, L Wolkenstein
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K Cipora, PA Schroeder, M Soltanlou, HC Nuerk
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Cognitive enhancement of numerical and arithmetic capabilities: a mini-review of available transcranial electric stimulation studies
PA Schroeder, T Dresler, J Bahnmueller, C Artemenko, R Cohen Kadosh, ...
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Switching Between Multiple Codes of SNARC-like Associations: Two Conceptual Replication Attempts with Anodal tDCS in Sham-Controlled Cross-Over Design
PA Schroeder, HC Nuerk, C Plewnia
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Space in Numerical and Ordinal Information: A Common Construct?
PA Schroeder, HC Nuerk, C Plewnia
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Prefrontal neuromodulation reverses spatial associations of non-numerical sequences, but not numbers
PA Schroeder, HC Nuerk, C Plewnia
Biological Psychology 128, 39-49, 2017
Arbitrary numbers counter fair decisions: trails of markedness in card distribution
PA Schroeder, R Pfister
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On the Multitude of Mathematics Skills: Spatial-Numerical Associations and Geometry Skill?
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PA Schroeder, HC Nuerk, C Plewnia
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Individual differences in uncertainty tolerance are not associated with cognitive control functions in the flanker task.
PA Schroeder, D Dignath, M Janczyk
Experimental Psychology 65 (4), 245, 2018
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