Cristian SORICA
Cristian SORICA
INMA Bucharest
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Theoretical contributions to the drive of cereal cleaning technical equipment endowed with non balanced vibration generating systems.
C Brăcăcescu, C Sorică, D Manea, Y Guanxin, GA Constantin
INMATEH-Agricultural Engineering 42 (1), 2014
Analysis of the sound power level emitted by portable electric generators (outdoor powered equipment) depending on location and measuring surface
E Postelnicu, V Vladut, C Sorica, P Cardei, I Grigore
Applied Mechanics and Materials 430, 266-275, 2013
Technology for promotion in Romania of energy crop miscanthus, as renewable resource to increase energy competitiveness in independence purposes
S Cristian, E Voicu, M Dragoş
Scientific Papers INMATEH Bucharest 29 (3), 10-15, 2009
Comparative analysis of the noise and vibration transmitted to the operator by a brush cutter
E Sorică, V Vlăduţ, P Cârdei, C Sorică, C Brăcăcescu
Acoustics and Vibration of Mechanical Structures—AVMS-2017, 165-172, 2018
Scientific researches on the qualitative working indexes of the sowing body of a modern technical hoeing plants sowing equipment.
E Marin, G Bolintineanu, C Sorică, D Manea, D Herak, Ş Croitoru, ...
INMATEH-Agricultural Engineering 42 (1), 2014
Methods for obtaining seedling material in order to promote energy plant Miscanthus
E Postelnicu, C Sorica, I Grigore, M Ludig, M Nitu
Annals of the University of Craiova-Agriculture, Montanology, Cadastre …, 2012
Experimental researches on the influence of functional parameters of gravity separator on the quality indicators of separation process with application on cleaning of wheat …
C Brăcăcescu, S Popescu, I Ţenu
Agronomy Series of Scientific Research/Lucrari Stiintifice Seria Agronomie …, 2011
Research on friction influence on the working process of agricultural machines for soil tillage
P Cardei, L Vladutoiu, G Chisiu, A Tudor, C Sorica, M Gheres, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 444 (2), 022014, 2018
Experimental researches on the technical equipment for harvesting Miscanthus rhizomes.
E Sorică, C Sorică, A Pruteanu, I Grigore
Annals of the University of Craiova-Agriculture, Montanology, Cadastre …, 2016
Analysis of a convective drying process of plums
M Ingeaua, T Prisecaru, I Pirna, C Sorică
INMATEH Agricultural Engineering 46 (2), 2068-2239, 2015
C BRĂCĂCESCU, C SORICĂ, D Manea, B Ivancu, S Popescu
Acta Technica Corvininesis-Bulletin of Engineering 7 (4), 2014
The establishing of corn with the equipment for soil tillage and sowing in narrow strips.
E Marin, C Sorica, D Manea
Actual Tasks on Agricultural Engineering: Proceedings of the 40 …, 2012
Technical equipment endowed with working parts for preparing the soil and sowing straw cereals.
E Marin, G Kostadinov, D Manea, M Mateescu, C Sorică
INMATEH-Agricultural Engineering 33 (1), 5-12, 2011
Possibilities of solar radiation use through photovoltaic panels
E Postelnicu, V VLĂDUŢ, C SORICĂ, M Militaru
Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj …, 2010
Technology for promotion in Romania of energy crop Miscanthus, as renewable resource to increase energy competitiveness in independence purposes–in INMATEH Journal. No. 29 …
C Sorică, E Voicu, D Manea
Bucharest, ISSN, 1583-1019, 2009
Separation of chopped nettle material on plane sieve length
A Pruteanu, M Matache, C SORICA, A Muscalu, M NITU
Annals of the University of Craiova-Agriculture, Montanology, Cadastre …, 2017
Considerations on the technical equipment used for separating seed mixtures based on the aerodynamic principle.
C Brăcăcescu, P Gàgeanu, C Soricà, A Zaica, E Soricà, G Bunduchi
International Symposium, ISB-INMA TEH'2017, Agricultural and mechanical …, 2017
Study on fodder humidity loss under the influence of the aeration agent.
A Zaica, A Nedelcu, R Ciupercă, L Popa, A Zaica, C Sorică
International Symposium of ISB-INMA TEH. Agricultural and mechanical …, 2016
State of the art regarding conservative tillage technologies
ID Vladut, S Biris, S Boruz, V Vladut, E Marin, N Ungureanu, C Sorica, ...
Annals of the University of Craiova-Agriculture, Montanology, Cadastre …, 2015
The Influence Of The Working Regime Of Oscillations Produced By An Electrovibrator On The Sorting Of Materials
V Vlăduţ, A Danciu, I Grigore, N Herişanu, I Dumitru, C Sorică, I Voicea, ...
Applied Mechanics and Materials 801, 197-201, 2015
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