Octavio Manuel Palacios-Gimenez
Octavio Manuel Palacios-Gimenez
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Chromosomal mapping of repetitive DNAs in the grasshopper Abracris flavolineata reveal possible ancestry of the B chromosome and H3 histone spreading
D Bueno, OM Palacios-Gimenez, DC Cabral-de-Mello
Plos one 8 (6), e66532, 2013
Tracking the evolution of sex chromosome systems in Melanoplinae grasshoppers through chromosomal mapping of repetitive DNA sequences
OM Palacios-Gimenez, ER Castillo, DA Martí, DC Cabral-de-Mello
BMC evolutionary biology 13, 1-12, 2013
High-throughput analysis of the satellitome revealed enormous diversity of satellite DNAs in the neo-Y chromosome of the cricket Eneoptera surinamensis
OM Palacios-Gimenez, GB Dias, LG De Lima, GCS Kuhn, E Ramos, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 6422, 2017
The avian W chromosome is a refugium for endogenous retroviruses with likely effects on female-biased mutational load and genetic incompatibilities
V Peona, OM Palacios-Gimenez, J Blommaert, J Liu, T Haryoko, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 376 (1833), 20200186, 2021
Dynamic sex chromosome expression in Drosophila male germ cells
S Mahadevaraju, JM Fear, M Akeju, BJ Galletta, MMLS Pinheiro, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 892, 2021
Eight Million Years of Satellite DNA Evolution in Grasshoppers of the Genus Schistocerca Illuminate the Ins and Outs of the Library Hypothesis
OM Palacios-Gimenez, D Milani, H Song, DA Marti, MD López-León, ...
Genome biology and evolution 12 (3), 88-102, 2020
High dynamism for neo-sex chromosomes: satellite DNAs reveal complex evolution in a grasshopper
ABSM Ferretti, D Milani, OM Palacios-Gimenez, FJ Ruiz-Ruano, ...
Heredity 125 (3), 124-137, 2020
Neo-sex chromosomes of Ronderosia bergi: insight into the evolution of sex chromosomes in grasshoppers
OM Palacios-Gimenez, DA Marti, DC Cabral-de-Mello
Chromosoma 124, 353-365, 2015
Comparative analysis of morabine grasshopper genomes reveals highly abundant transposable elements and rapidly proliferating satellite DNA repeats
OM Palacios-Gimenez, J Koelman, M Palmada-Flores, TM Bradford, ...
BMC biology 18, 1-21, 2020
Repetitive DNA chromosomal organization in the cricket Cycloptiloides americanus: a case of the unusual X1X20 sex chromosome system in Orthoptera
OM Palacios-Gimenez, DC Cabral-de-Mello
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 290, 623-631, 2015
Chromosomal mapping of two Mariner-like elements in the grasshopper Abracris flavolineata (Orthoptera: Acrididae) reveals enrichment in euchromatin
EJE 111 (3), 329-334, 2014
Satellite DNAs unveil clues about the ancestry and composition of B chromosomes in three grasshopper species
D Milani, VB Bardella, ABSM Ferretti, OM Palacios-Gimenez, AS Melo, ...
Genes 9 (11), 523, 2018
Contrasting the chromosomal organization of repetitive DNAs in two Gryllidae crickets with highly divergent karyotypes
OM Palacios-Gimenez, CR Carvalho, FA Ferrari Soares, ...
PLoS One 10 (12), e0143540, 2015
Satellite DNAs are conserved and differentially transcribed among Gryllus cricket species
OM Palacios-Gimenez, VB Bardella, B Lemos, DC Cabral-de-Mello
DNA Research 25 (2), 137-147, 2018
Uncovering the evolutionary history of neo-XY sex chromosomes in the grasshopper Ronderosia bergii (Orthoptera, Melanoplinae) through satellite DNA analysis
OM Palacios-Gimenez, D Milani, B Lemos, ER Castillo, DA Martí, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 18, 1-10, 2018
High similarity of U2 snDNA sequence between A and B chromosomes in the grasshopper Abracris flavolineata
NZ Menezes-de-Carvalho, OM Palacios-Gimenez, D Milani, ...
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 290, 1787-1792, 2015
The 5S rDNA in two Abracris grasshoppers (Ommatolampidinae: Acrididae): molecular and chromosomal organization
D Bueno, OM Palacios-Gimenez, DA Martí, TC Mariguela, ...
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 291, 1607-1613, 2016
Phylogeny and chromosomal diversification in the Dichroplus elongatus species group (Orthoptera, Melanoplinae)
ERD Castillo, A Taffarel, MM Maronna, MM Cigliano, ...
PLOS one 12 (2), e0172352, 2017
Cytogenomic analysis unveils mixed molecular evolution and recurrent chromosomal rearrangements shaping the multigene families on Schistocerca grasshopper …
E Martí, D Milani, VB Bardella, L Albuquerque, H Song, ...
Evolution 75 (8), 2027-2041, 2021
The U2 snDNA is a useful marker for B chromosome detection and frequency estimation in the grasshopper Abracris flavolineata
D Milani, OM Palacios-Gimenez, DC Cabral-de-Mello
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 151 (1), 36-40, 2017
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