Xiaoyu  Weng
Xiaoyu Weng
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Natural variation in Ghd7 is an important regulator of heading date and yield potential in rice
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Grain number, plant height, and heading date7 is a central regulator of growth, development, and stress response
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Drought responsive gene expression regulatory divergence between upland and lowland ecotypes of a perennial C4 grass
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QTL× environment interactions underlie adaptive divergence in switchgrass across a large latitudinal gradient
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Ghd7, a pleiotropic gene controlling flag leaf area in rice
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Genomic mechanisms of climate adaptation in polyploid bioenergy switchgrass
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OsHOX1 and OsHOX28 redundantly shape rice tiller angle by reducing HSFA2D expression and auxin content
Y Hu, S Li, X Fan, S Song, X Zhou, X Weng, J Xiao, X Li, L Xiong, A You, ...
Plant Physiology 184 (3), 1424-1437, 2020
Complex interactions between day length and diurnal patterns of gene expression drive photoperiodic responses in a perennial C4 grass
X Weng, JT Lovell, SL Schwartz, C Cheng, T Haque, L Zhang, ...
Plant, cell & environment 42 (7), 2165-2182, 2019
The heading-date gene Ghd7 inhibits seed germination by modulating the balance between abscisic acid and gibberellins
Y Hu, S Song, X Weng, A You, Y Xing
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Analysis of Expression Profiles Using Real-time PCR
X Weng, H Du, Y Ouyang
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ChIP Assay in Rice
X Weng, S Zhou, W Zong, Y Ouyang
Bio-101, DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.1010135, 2018
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