Ofer M. Shir
Ofer M. Shir
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Tel-Hai College, Upper Galilee, Israel
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Enhancing decision space diversity in evolutionary multiobjective algorithms
OM Shir, M Preuss, B Naujoks, M Emmerich
International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization, 95-109, 2009
Adaptive niche radii and niche shapes approaches for niching with the CMA-ES
OM Shir, M Emmerich, T Bäck
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OM Shir, T Bäck
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Niching in evolutionary algorithms
OM Shir
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Niching in evolution strategies
OM Shir, T Bäck
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Accelerated optimization and automated discovery with covariance matrix adaptation for experimental quantum control
J Roslund, OM Shir, T Bäck, H Rabitz
Physical Review A 80 (4), 043415, 2009
Niching in derandomized evolution strategies and its applications in quantum control
OM Shir
Natural Computing Group, LIACS, Faculty of Science, Leiden University, 2008
Self-organizing maps for multi-objective Pareto frontiers
S Chen, D Amid, OM Shir, L Limonad, D Boaz, A Anaby-Tavor, T Schreck
2013 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 153-160, 2013
Control of quantum dynamics by optimized measurements
F Shuang, M Zhou, A Pechen, R Wu, OM Shir, H Rabitz
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Dynamic niching in evolution strategies with covariance matrix adaptation
OM Shir, T Bäck
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Benchmarking discrete optimization heuristics with IOHprofiler
C Doerr, F Ye, N Horesh, H Wang, OM Shir, T Bäck
Applied Soft Computing 88, 106027, 2020
Niching in evolution strategies and its application to laser pulse shaping
OM Shir, C Siedschlag, T Bäck, MJJ Vrakking
Artificial Evolution, 85-96, 2005
Evolutionary algorithms in the optimization of dynamic molecular alignment
C Siedschlag, OM Shir, T Bäck, MJJ Vrakking
Optics Communications 264 (2), 511-518, 2006
Optimization of laser field-free orientation of a state-selected NO molecular sample
A Rouzée, A Gijsbertsen, O Ghafur, OM Shir, T Bäck, S Stolte, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (10), 105040, 2009
Optimization of laser field-free orientation of a state-selected NO molecular sample
A Gijsbertsen, O Ghafur, OM Shir, T Bäck, S Stolte, MJJ Vrakking
On the diversity of multiple optimal controls for quantum systems
OM Shir, V Beltrani, T Bäck, H Rabitz, MJJ Vrakking
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 41 (7), 074021, 2008
Niching with derandomized evolution strategies in artificial and real-world landscapes
OM Shir, T Bäck
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The application of evolutionary multi-criteria optimization to dynamic molecular alignment
OM Shir, M Emmerich, T Bäck, MJJ Vrakking
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Bayesian performance analysis for black-box optimization benchmarking
B Calvo, OM Shir, J Ceberio, C Doerr, H Wang, T Bäck, JA Lozano
Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion …, 2019
Self-adaptive niching CMA-ES with Mahalanobis metric
OM Shir, M Emmerich, T Bäck
Evolutionary Computation, 2007. CEC 2007. IEEE Congress on, 820-827, 2007
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