Maulik Patel
Maulik Patel
University of Liverpool, Dept. Mechanical Materials and Aerospace
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CdTe solar cells with open-circuit voltage breaking the 1 V barrier
JM Burst, JN Duenow, DS Albin, E Colegrove, MO Reese, JA Aguiar, ...
Nature Energy 1 (3), 1-8, 2016
Metal boride‐based catalysts for electrochemical water‐splitting: A review
S Gupta, MK Patel, A Miotello, N Patel
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (1), 1906481, 2020
High temperature ion irradiation effects in MAX phase ceramics
DW Clark, SJ Zinkle, MK Patel, CM Parish
Acta Materialia 105, 130-146, 2016
A unique amorphous cobalt-phosphide-boride bifunctional electrocatalyst for enhanced alkaline water-splitting
A Chunduri, S Gupta, O Bapat, A Bhide, R Fernandes, MK Patel, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 259, 118051, 2019
Role of antisite disorder on preamorphization swelling in titanate pyrochlores
YH Li, BP Uberuaga, C Jiang, S Choudhury, JA Valdez, MK Patel, J Won, ...
Physical review letters 108 (19), 195504, 2012
In situ investigation of the formation and metastability of formamidinium lead tri-iodide perovskite solar cells
JA Aguiar, S Wozny, TG Holesinger, T Aoki, MK Patel, M Yang, JJ Berry, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9, 2372, 2016
Structure and magnetic properties of ZnO films doped with Co, Ni or Mn synthesized by pulsed laser deposition under low and high oxygen partial pressures
JC Pivin, G Socol, I Mihailescu, P Berthet, F Singh, MK Patel, L Vincent
Thin Solid Films 517 (2), 916-922, 2008
Highly efficient and selective metal oxy-boride electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution from alkali and saline solutions
S Gupta, M Forster, A Yadav, AJ Cowan, N Patel, M Patel
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (8), 7619-7628, 2020
Effect of helium irradiation on Ti3AlC2 at 500 C
MK Patel, DJ Tallman, JA Valdez, J Aguiar, O Anderoglu, M Tang, ...
Scripta Materialia 77, 1-4, 2014
Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation in pyrochlores
MK Patel, V Vijayakumar, DK Avasthi, S Kailas, JC Pivin, V Grover, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2008
Structural modifications in pyrochlores caused by ions in the electronic stopping regime
MK Patel, V Vijayakumar, S Kailas, DK Avasthi, JC Pivin, AK Tyagi
Journal of nuclear materials 380 (1-3), 93-98, 2008
Ag loaded B-doped-g C3N4 nanosheet with efficient properties for photocatalysis
NP Nirmala Thorat, Asha Yadav, Manisha Yadav, Suraj Gupta, Ranjana Varma ...
Journal of Environmental Management 247, 57, 2019
Bubble formation and lattice parameter changes resulting from He irradiation of defect-fluorite Gd2Zr2O7
CA Taylor, MK Patel, JA Aguiar, Y Zhang, ML Crespillo, J Wen, H Xue, ...
Acta Materialia 115, 115-122, 2016
Cobalt-boride nanostructured thin films with high performance and stability for alkaline water oxidation
S Gupta, H Jadhav, S Sinha, A Miotello, MK Patel, A Sarkar, N Patel
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (19), 16651-16658, 2019
Defects induced magnetic transition in Co doped ZnS thin films: effects of swift heavy ion irradiations
SP Patel, JC Pivin, MK Patel, J Won, R Chandra, D Kanjilal, L Kumar
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 324 (13), 2136-2141, 2012
Revealing Surface Modifications of Potassium‐Fluoride‐Treated Cu(In,Ga)Se2: A Study of Material Structure, Chemistry, and Photovoltaic Performance
JA Aguiar, A Stokes, CS Jiang, T Aoki, PG Kotula, MK Patel, B Gorman, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 3 (17), 1600013, 2016
Controlled synthesis of Cu nanoparticles in fused silica and BK7 glasses using ion beam induced defects
MK Patel, DM Nagare, B.J., Bagulb, SK Haram, DC Kothari
Surface & Coatings Technology 196, 96-99, 2004
Structure and band gap determination of irradiation-induced amorphous nano-channels in LiNbO3
R Sachan, OH Pakarinen, P Liu, MK Patel, MF Chisholm, Y Zhang, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (13), 2015
Microstructure Characterization and Electrical Conductivity Measurement of La1−xCaxCrO3 (x = 0.25, 0.4, 0.5) Prepared by Aspartic Acid‐Assisted Solution …
S Mukherjee, MR Gonal, MK Patel, M Roy, A Patra, AK Tyagi
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 95 (1), 290-295, 2012
Gamma irradiation-induced defects in borosilicate glasses for high-level radioactive waste immobilisation
P Rautiyal, G Gupta, R Edge, L Leay, A Daubney, MK Patel, AH Jones, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 544, 152702, 2021
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