Aurelio Silvestroni
Aurelio Silvestroni
Research Scientist Engineer 3, University of Washington
Потвърден имейл адрес: uw.edu
A novel pathogenic pathway of immune activation detectable before clinical onset in Huntington's disease
M Björkqvist, EJ Wild, J Thiele, A Silvestroni, R Andre, N Lahiri, ...
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Distinct neuroinflammatory profile in post-mortem human Huntington's disease
A Silvestroni, RLM Faull, AD Strand, T Möller
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Dysregulated mi RNA biogenesis downstream of cellular stress and ALS‐causing mutations: a new mechanism for ALS
A Emde, C Eitan, LL Liou, RT Libby, N Rivkin, I Magen, I Reichenstein, ...
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Characterization of the melA Locus for α-Galactosidase in Lactobacillus plantarum
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The p53 transcription factor modulates microglia behavior through microRNA-dependent regulation of c-Maf
W Su, S Hopkins, NK Nesser, B Sopher, A Silvestroni, S Ammanuel, ...
The Journal of Immunology 192 (1), 358-366, 2014
Reduction of non-digestible oligosaccharides in soymilk: application of engineered lactic acid bacteria that produce alpha-galactosidase
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Reduction of α‐galactooligosaccharides in soyamilk by Lactobacillus fermentum CRL 722: in vitro and in vivo evaluation of fermented soyamilk
JG LeBlanc, MS Garro, A Silvestroni, C Connes, JC Piard, F Sesma, ...
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Identification of serine/threonine kinase substrates in the human pathogen group B streptococcus
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Towards probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains to remove raffinose-type sugars present in soy-derived products
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Evaluation of the genotoxicity of aqueous extracts of Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.(Aquifoliaceae) using the Allium test
CJ Bidau, AG Amat, M Yajía, DA Martí, AG Riglos, A Silvestroni
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Differential migratory properties of monocytes isolated from human subjects naïve and non-naïve to Cannabis
M Sexton, A Silvestroni, T Möller, N Stella
Inflammopharmacology 21, 253-259, 2013
Cytoprotective Effect of Lactobacillus crispatus CTV-05 against Uropathogenic E. coli
DSC Butler, A Silvestroni, AE Stapleton
Pathogens 5 (1), 27, 2016
Genotoxicity evaluation of Allophylus edulis (Camb.) Radlk.(Sapindaceae) aqueous extract
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II WOCMAP Congress Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Part 2: Pharmacognosy …, 1997
Reduction of α-Galactooligosaccharides in Soyamilk by Lactobacillus fermentum CRL 722
JG LeBlanc, MS Garro, A Silvestroni, C Connes, JC Piard, F Sesma, ...
vitro, 2004
Evaluation of cytotoxic and mitodepressive activity of aqueous extracts from thirteen argentine medicinal plants
CJ Bidau, AG Amat, ME Yajia, DA Marti, MD Giménez, AG Riglos, ...
Colegio de Farmacéuticos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, 2006
126. Robust and Persistent Vaginal Colonization with LACTIN-V Vaginal Lactobacillus crispatus Probiotic in a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled (DBPC) Phase 2b Trial to Prevent …
A Stapleton, A Silvestroni, P Roberts, M Cox, H Hayden, M Brittnacher, ...
Open forum infectious diseases 5 (Suppl 1), S8, 2018
A novel unbiased method reveals progressive podocyte globotriaosylceramide accumulation and loss with age in females with Fabry disease
B Najafian, A Silvestroni, A Sokolovskiy, C Tøndel, E Svarstad, B Obrisca, ...
Kidney international 102 (1), 173-182, 2022
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