Li-Jing (Larry) Cheng
Li-Jing (Larry) Cheng
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Nanoscale protein patterning by imprint lithography
JD Hoff, LJ Cheng, E Meyhöfer, LJ Guo, AJ Hunt
Nano letters 4 (5), 853-857, 2004
Nanofluidic diodes
LJ Cheng, LJ Guo
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (3), 923-938, 2010
Rectified ion transport through concentration gradient in homogeneous silica nanochannels
LJ Cheng, LJ Guo
Nano letters 7 (10), 3165-3171, 2007
Ionic current rectification, breakdown, and switching in heterogeneous oxide nanofluidic devices
LJ Cheng, LJ Guo
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Highly efficient guiding of microtubule transport with imprinted CYTOP nanotracks
LJ Cheng, MT Kao, E Meyhöfer, LJ Guo
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Microscale pH regulation by splitting water
LJ Cheng, HC Chang
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Recrystallization method of polysilicon film in thin film transistor
HC Cheng, CW Lin, LJ Cheng
US Patent 6,432,758, 2002
Optical modulation of continuous terahertz waves towards cost-effective reconfigurable quasi-optical terahertz components
LJ Cheng, L Liu
Optics express 21 (23), 28657-28667, 2013
High-performance low-temperature poly-Si TFTs crystallized by excimer laser irradiation with recessed-channel structure
CW Lin, LJ Cheng, YL Lu, YS Lee, HC Cheng
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Photo-induced spatial modulation of THz waves: opportunities and limitations
A Kannegulla, MIB Shams, L Liu, LJ Cheng
Optics express 23 (25), 32098-32112, 2015
Coded-aperture imaging using photo-induced reconfigurable aperture arrays for mapping terahertz beams
A Kannegulla, Z Jiang, SM Rahman, MIB Shams, P Fay, HG Xing, ...
IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology 4 (3), 321-327, 2014
Optofluidic sensing from inkjet-printed droplets: the enormous enhancement by evaporation-induced spontaneous flow on photonic crystal biosilica
X Kong, Y Xi, P LeDuff, E Li, Y Liu, LJ Cheng, GL Rorrer, H Tan, AX Wang
Nanoscale 8 (39), 17285-17294, 2016
Switchable pH actuators and 3D integrated salt bridges as new strategies for reconfigurable microfluidic free-flow electrophoretic separation
LJ Cheng, HC Chang
Lab on a Chip 14 (5), 979-987, 2014
Biomolecular motor-driven molecular sorter
T Kim, LJ Cheng, MT Kao, EF Hasselbrink, LJ Guo, E Meyhöfer
Lab on a Chip 9 (9), 1282-1285, 2009
Approaching real‐time terahertz imaging with photo‐induced coded apertures and compressed sensing
MIB Shams, Z Jiang, S Rahman, J Qayyum, LJ Cheng, HG Xing, P Fay, ...
Electronics Letters 50 (11), 801-803, 2014
Real-time frequency-domain terahertz sensing and imaging of isopropyl alcohol–water mixtures on a microfluidic chip
L Liu, R Pathak, LJ Cheng, T Wang
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 184, 228-234, 2013
Subwavelength focusing of terahertz waves in silicon hyperbolic metamaterials
A Kannegulla, LJ Cheng
Optics letters 41 (15), 3539-3542, 2016
Nonequilibrium hysteresis and Wien effect water dissociation at a bipolar membrane
DT Conroy, RV Craster, OK Matar, LJ Cheng, HC Chang
Physical Review E 86 (5), 056104, 2012
A nanomembrane-based nucleic acid sensing platform for portable diagnostics
S Senapati, S Basuray, Z Slouka, LJ Cheng, HC Chang
Microfluidics, 153-169, 2011
Metal assisted focused-ion beam nanopatterning
A Kannegulla, LJ Cheng
Nanotechnology 27 (36), 36LT01, 2016
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