Ashley M. Helton
Ashley M. Helton
Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
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Stream denitrification across biomes and its response to anthropogenic nitrate loading
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Light and flow regimes regulate the metabolism of rivers
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Continental-scale analysis of shallow and deep groundwater contributions to streams
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Relative influences of the river channel, floodplain surface, and alluvial aquifer on simulated hydrologic residence time in a montane river floodplain
AM Helton, GC Poole, RA Payn, C Izurieta, JA Stanford
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Thermodynamic constraints on the utility of ecological stoichiometry for explaining global biogeochemical patterns
AM Helton, M Ardón, ES Bernhardt
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Drought and saltwater incursion synergistically reduce dissolved organic carbon export from coastal freshwater wetlands
M Ardón, AM Helton, ES Bernhardt
Biogeochemistry 127, 411-426, 2016
Salinity effects on greenhouse gas emissions from wetland soils are contingent upon hydrologic setting: a microcosm experiment
M Ardón, AM Helton, ES Bernhardt
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Scaling of dissolved organic carbon removal in river networks
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Can consumer stoichiometric regulation control nutrient spiraling in streams?
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How network structure can affect nitrogen removal by streams
EB Ashley M Helton, Robert O Hall
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Impacts of saltwater incursion on plant communities, anaerobic microbial metabolism, and resulting relationships in a restored freshwater wetland
KN Hopfensperger, AJ Burgin, VA Schoepfer, AM Helton
Ecosystems 17, 792-807, 2014
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