Maximiliano Manuel Maronna
Maximiliano Manuel Maronna
Visiting Professor / Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG, Brazil)
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Towards a phylogenetic classification of Leptothecata (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
MM Maronna, TP Miranda, ÁL Peña Cantero, MS Barbeitos, AC Marques
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 18075, 2016
Unexpected phylogenetic positions of the genera< i> Rupirana</i> and< i> Crossodactylodes</i> reveal insights into the biogeography and reproductive evolution of leptodactylid …
A Fouquet, BL Blotto, MM Maronna, VK Verdade, FA Juncá, R Sá, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2013
Fast-evolving mitochondrial DNA in Ceriantharia: a reflection of Hexacorallia paraphyly?
SN Stampar, MM Maronna, MV Kitahara, JD Reimer, AC Morandini
PLoS One 9 (1), e86612, 2014
All non-indigenous species were introduced recently? The case study of Cassiopea (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) in Brazilian waters
AC Morandini, SN Stampar, MM Maronna, FLD Silveira
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 1-8, 2016
Evolutionary Diversification of Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemones (Cnidaria; Ceriantharia; Isarachnanthus) in the Atlantic Ocean
SN Stampar, MM Maronna, MJA Vermeij, FL Silveira, AC Morandini
PLoS One 7 (7), e41091, 2012
The importance of molecular characters when morphological variability hinders diagnosability: systematics of the moon jellyfish genus Aurelia (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa)
JW Lawley, E Gamero-Mora, MM Maronna, LM Chiaverano, SN Stampar, ...
PeerJ 9, e11954, 2021
Ceriantharia in current systematics: life cycles, morphology and genetics
SN Stampar, MM Maronna, MV Kitahara, JD Reimer, JS Beneti, ...
The Cnidaria, past, present and future: the world of medusa and her sisters …, 2016
An evolutionary comparative analysis of the medusozoan (Cnidaria) exoskeleton
ACM María A. Mendoza-Becerril, Maximiliano M. Maronna, Mírian L. A. F ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2016
Succession of generations is still the general paradigm for scyphozoan life cycles
AC Morandini, A Schiariti, SN Stampar, MM Maronna, I Straehler-Pohl, ...
Bulletin of Marine Science 92 (3), 343-351, 2016
Variability on microevolutionary and macroevolutionary scales: a review on patterns of morphological variation in Cnidaria Medusozoa
AF Cunha, MM Maronna, AC Marques
Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 2016
Putting GenBank Data on the Map
AC Marques, MM Maronna, AG Collins
Science Magazine 341 (6152), 1341, 2013
The puzzling occurrence of the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) along the Brazilian coast: a result of several invasion events?
SN Stampar, E Gamero-Mora, MM Maronna, JM Fritscher, BSP Oliveira, ...
Zoologia (curitiba) 37, e50834, 2021
A new species of Diadumene (Actiniaria: Diadumenidae) from the subtropical coast of Brazil
JS Beneti, SN Stampar, MM Maronna, AC Morandini, FL Silveira
Zootaxa 4021 (1), 156-168, 2015
Amphibian parasites of the Order Dermocystida (Ichthyosporea): current knowledge, taxonomic review and new records from Brazil
C Borteiro, D Baldo, MM Maronna, D Baeta, AF Sabbag, F Kolenc, ...
Zootaxa 4461 (4), 499, 2018
Phylogeny and chromosomal diversification in the Dichroplus elongatus species group (Orthoptera, Melanoplinae)
ERD Castillo, A Taffarel, MM Maronna, MM Cigliano, ...
PLOS one 12 (2), e0172352, 2017
The state of Medusozoa genomics: current evidence and future challenges
MD Santander, MM Maronna, JF Ryan, SCS Andrade
GigaScience 11, giac036, 2022
Chromosome evolution and phylogeny in Ronderosia (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Melanoplinae): clues of survivors to the challenge of sympatry?
ERD Castillo, DA Martí, MM Maronna, MC Scattolini, DC Cabral‐de‐Mello, ...
Systematic Entomology 44 (1), 61-74, 2019
Ceriantharia (Cnidaria) of the World: an annotated catalogue and key to species
SN Stampar, JD Reimer, MM Maronna, CSS Lopes, H Ceriello, TB Santos, ...
ZooKeys 952, 1, 2020
Report of Mauve Stinger Pelagia cf. noctiluca (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) Bloom from Northeastern Arabian Sea (NEAS)
P Hari Praved, AC Morandini, MM Maronna, MN Suhaana, M Jima, ...
Thalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences 37 (2), 569-576, 2021
Towards a phylogenetic classification of Leptothecata (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa). Sci Rep 6: 18075
MM Maronna, TP Miranda, AL Peña Cantero, MS Barbeitos, AC Marques
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