Rowan J. Schley
Is Amazonia a ‘museum’for Neotropical trees? The evolution of the Brownea clade (Detarioideae, Leguminosae)
RJ Schley, M de la Estrella, OA Pérez-Escobar, A Bruneau, T Barraclough, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 126, 279-292, 2018
Australasian orchid biogeography at continental scale: molecular phylogenetic insights from the sun orchids (Thelymitra, Orchidaceae)
L Nauheimer, RJ Schley, MA Clements, C Micheneau, K Nargar
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 127, 304-319, 2018
Introgression across evolutionary scales suggests reticulation contributes to Amazonian tree diversity
RJ Schley, T Pennington, OA Perez-Escobar, AJ Helmstetter, ...
Molecular Ecology 29 (21), 4170-4185, 2020
Resolving relationships in an exceedingly young Neotropical orchid lineage using Genotyping-by-sequencing data
OA Pérez-Escobar, D Bogarín, R Schley, RM Bateman, G Gerlach, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 144, 106672, 2020
On the Monophyly of Macrolobium Schreb., an Ecologically Diverse Neotropical Tree Genus (Fabaceae-Detarioideae)
B Murphy, M de la Estrella, R Schley, F Forest, B Klitgård
International Journal of Plant Sciences, 2017
A robust phylogenomic framework for the calamoid palms
BG Kuhnhäuser, S Bellot, TLP Couvreur, J Dransfield, A Henderson, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 157, 107067, 2021
Hundreds of nuclear and plastid loci yield novel insights into orchid relationships
OA Pérez‐Escobar, S Dodsworth, D Bogarín, S Bellot, JA Balbuena, ...
American Journal of Botany 108 (7), 1166-1180, 2021
Molecular clocks and archeogenomics of a late period egyptian date palm leaf reveal introgression from wild relatives and add timestamps on the domestication
OA Pérez-Escobar, S Bellot, NAS Przelomska, JM Flowers, M Nesbitt, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 38 (10), 4475-4492, 2021
Comparative analysis of complete plastid genome reveals powerful barcode regions for identifying wood of Dalbergia odorifera and D. tonkinensis (Leguminosae)
M Qin, CJ Zhu, JB Yang, M Vatanparast, R Schley, Q Lai, DY Zhang, ...
Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 2020
The Ecology of Palm Genomes: Repeat-associated genome size expansion is constrained by aridity
RJ Schley, J Pellicer, X Ge, CF Barrett, S Bellot, M Guignard, P Novak, ...
Hybridization: a ‘double-edged sword’for Neotropical plant diversity
RJ Schley, AD Twyford, RT Pennington
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 2021
The diversification of Pterocarpus (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) was influenced by biome-switching and infrequent long-distance dispersal
RJ Schley, M Qin, M Vatanparast, P Malakasi, M de la Estrella, G Lewis, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
Diversification and the patterns of introgression in a clade of Neotropical trees
RJ Schley
Imperial College London, 2019
Neotropical plant evolution
R Schley
Molecular Phylogenetic Insights Into the Diversification and Historical Biogeography of the Sun Orchids (Thelymitra, Orchidaceae)
R Schley
Department of Life Sciences, Silwood Park, Imperial College London, 2014
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