James Russell
James Russell
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Invasive rodent eradication on islands
G Howald, CJ Donlan, JP Galván, JC Russell, J Parkes, A Samaniego, ...
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Invasive mammal eradication on islands results in substantial conservation gains
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Predator-Free New Zealand: Conservation Country
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F Courchamp, A Fournier, C Bellard, C Bertelsmeier, E Bonnaud, ...
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The rise of invasive species denialism
JC Russell, TM Blackburn
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32 (1), 3-6, 2017
Drivers of future alien species impacts: an expert-based assessment
F Essl, B Lenzner, S Bacher, S Bailey, C Capinha, C Daehler, S Dullinger, ...
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Island biodiversity in the Anthropocene
JC Russell, C Kueffer
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Evaluating a multigene environmental DNA approach for biodiversity assessment
AJ Drummond, RD Newcomb, TR Buckley, D Xie, A Dopheide, ...
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The invasion ecology of mammals: a global perspective
MN Clout, JC Russell
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Global population divergence and admixture of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
EE Puckett, J Park, M Combs, MJ Blum, JE Bryant, A Caccone, F Costa, ...
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Climate change, sea-level rise, and conservation: keeping island biodiversity afloat
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Review of rat invasion biology: implications for island biosecurity
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Intercepting the first rat ashore
JC Russell, DR Towns, SH Anderson, MN Clout
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MN Clout, JC Russell
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Future directions in conservation research on petrels and shearwaters
A Rodríguez, JM Arcos, V Bretagnolle, MP Dias, ND Holmes, M Louzao, ...
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Globally important islands for eradicating invasive mammals to benefit highly threatened vertebrates
ND Holmes, DR Spatz, S Oppel, B Tershy, DA Croll, B Keitt, P Genovesi, ...
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Tracking seabirds to identify potential Marine Protected Areas in the tropical western Indian Ocean
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Tropical island conservation: Rat eradication for species recovery
JC Russell, ND Holmes
Biological Conservation 185, 1-7, 2015
Fifty years of rodent eradications in New Zealand: another decade of advances
JC Russell, KG Broome
New Zealand Journal of Ecology 40 (2), 197-204, 2016
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