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Mario El Kazzi
Group Leader at PSI
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Oxygen Evolution Reaction on La1–xSrxCoO3 Perovskites: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of Their Structural, Electronic, and Electrochemical …
X Cheng, E Fabbri, M Nachtegaal, IE Castelli, M El Kazzi, R Haumont, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (22), 7662-7672, 2015
Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry Study of the Interface of xLi2MnO3·(1–x)LiMO2 (M = Ni, Co, and Mn) Material as a Positive Electrode in Li-Ion …
E Castel, EJ Berg, M El Kazzi, P Novák, C Villevieille
Chemistry of Materials 26 (17), 5051-5057, 2014
A greener route to photoelectrochemically active PbS nanoparticles
J Akhtar, MA Malik, P O'Brien, KGU Wijayantha, R Dharmadasa, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (12), 2336-2344, 2010
Understanding the interaction of the carbonates and binder in Na-ion batteries: a combined bulk and surface study
LO Vogt, M El Kazzi, E Jämstorp Berg, S Pérez Villar, P Novak, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (4), 1210-1216, 2015
Structural properties of epitaxial thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si(001)
G Delhaye, C Merckling, M El-Kazzi, G Saint-Girons, M Gendry, Y Robach, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 100 (12), 124109, 2006
SnO2 Model Electrode Cycled in Li-Ion Battery Reveals the Formation of Li2SnO3 and Li8SnO6 Phases through Conversion Reactions
G Ferraresi, C Villevieille, I Czekaj, M Horisberger, P Novák, M El Kazzi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (10), 8712-8720, 2018
CMOS compatible self-aligned S/D regions for implant-free InGaAs MOSFETs
L Czornomaz, M El Kazzi, M Hopstaken, D Caimi, P Mächler, C Rossel, ...
Solid-State Electronics 74, 71-76, 2012
An integration path for gate-first UTB III-V-on-insulator MOSFETs with silicon, using direct wafer bonding and donor wafer recycling
L Czornomaz, N Daix, D Caimi, M Sousa, R Erni, MD Rossell, M El-Kazzi, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 23.4. 1-23.4. 4, 2012
Advanced water management in PEFCs: diffusion layers with patterned wettability I. Synthetic routes, wettability tuning and thermal stability
A Forner-Cuenca, V Manzi-Orezzoli, J Biesdorf, M El Kazzi, D Streich, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (8), F788, 2016
Surface and morphological investigation of the electrode/electrolyte properties in an all-solid-state battery using a Li2S-P2S5 solid electrolyte
X Wu, M El Kazzi, C Villevieille
Journal of Electroceramics 38 (2), 207-214, 2017
Elucidating the surface reactions of an amorphous Si thin film as a model electrode for Li-ion batteries
G Ferraresi, L Czornomaz, C Villevieille, P Novák, M El Kazzi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (43), 29791-29798, 2016
Monitoring the chemical and electronic properties of electrolyte–electrode interfaces in all-solid-state batteries using operando X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
X Wu, C Villevieille, P Novák, M El Kazzi
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (16), 11123-11129, 2018
Size-resolved identification, characterization, and quantification of primary biological organic aerosol at a European rural site
C Bozzetti, KR Daellenbach, C Hueglin, P Fermo, J Sciare, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 50 (7), 3425-3434, 2016
Electrochemical performance of all-solid-state Li-ion batteries based on garnet electrolyte using silicon as a model electrode
G Ferraresi, M El Kazzi, L Czornomaz, CL Tsai, S Uhlenbruck, ...
ACS energy letters 3 (4), 1006-1012, 2018
Pseudomorphic molecular beam epitaxy growth of on Si(001) and evidence for spontaneous lattice reorientation during epitaxy
C Merckling, M El-Kazzi, G Delhaye, M Gendry, G Saint-Girons, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (23), 232907, 2006
Multifunctional electrolyte additive for improved interfacial stability in Ni-rich layered oxide full-cells
HQ Pham, M Mirolo, M Tarik, M El Kazzi, S Trabesinger
Energy Storage Materials 33, 216-229, 2020
Vanadium (V) reduction reaction on modified glassy carbon electrodes–Role of oxygen functionalities and microstructure
SM Taylor, A Pătru, D Streich, M El Kazzi, E Fabbri, TJ Schmidt
Carbon 109, 472-478, 2016
Epitaxial growth of LaAlO3 on Si (0 0 1) using interface engineering
C Merckling, G Delhaye, M El-Kazzi, S Gaillard, Y Rozier, L Rapenne, ...
Microelectronics reliability 47 (4-5), 540-543, 2007
LaTiOxNy Thin Film Model Systems for Photocatalytic Water Splitting: Physicochemical Evolution of the Solid–Liquid Interface and the Role of the Crystallographic …
M Pichler, W Si, F Haydous, H Téllez, J Druce, E Fabbri, ME Kazzi, ...
Advanced functional materials 27 (20), 1605690, 2017
Epitaxial growth of SrO on Si (001): Chemical and thermal stability
M El Kazzi, G Delhaye, C Merckling, E Bergignat, Y Robach, G Grenet, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 25 (6 …, 2007
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