Kathleen Kash
Kathleen Kash
Professor of Physics, Case Western Reserve University
Потвърден имейл адрес: case.edu
Novel applications of photonic band gap materials: Low‐loss bends and high Q cavities
RD Meade, A Devenyi, JD Joannopoulos, OL Alerhand, DA Smith, K Kash
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K Kash
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PC Quayle, K He, J Shan, K Kash
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K Kash, BP Van der Gaag, DD Mahoney, AS Gozdz, LT Florez, ...
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K Kash, J Shah
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K Du, C Bekele, CC Hayman, JC Angus, P Pirouz, K Kash
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K Kash, B Tell, P Grabbe, EA Dobisz, HG Craighead, MC Tamargo
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Low pressure synthesis of bulk, polycrystalline gallium nitride
A Argoitia, CC Hayman, JC Angus, L Wang, JS Dyck, K Kash
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Electrochemical pinning of the Fermi level: mediation of photoluminescence from gallium nitride and zinc oxide
V Chakrapani, C Pendyala, K Kash, AB Anderson, MK Sunkara, JC Angus
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (39), 12944-12952, 2008
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Y Zhang, MD Sturge, K Kash, BP Van der Gaag, AS Gozdz, LT Florez, ...
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K Kash, PA Wolff, WA Bonner
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Measurement of nonradiative Auger and radiative recombination rates in strained‐layer quantum‐well systems
MC Wang, K Kash, CE Zah, R Bhat, SL Chuang
Applied physics letters 62 (2), 166-168, 1993
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