Namshik Han
Namshik Han
Milner Therapeutics Institute at University of Cambridge
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Promoter-bound METTL3 maintains myeloid leukaemia by m6A-dependent translation control
I Barbieri, K Tzelepis, L Pandolfini, J Shi, G Millán-Zambrano, SC Robson, ...
Nature 552 (7683), 126-131, 2017
Inflammatory signals induce AT2 cell-derived damage-associated transient progenitors that mediate alveolar regeneration
J Choi, JE Park, G Tsagkogeorga, M Yanagita, BK Koo, N Han, JH Lee
Cell stem cell 27 (3), 366-382. e7, 2020
The forkhead transcription factor FOXM1 controls cell cycle-dependent gene expression through an atypical chromatin binding mechanism
X Chen, GA Müller, M Quaas, M Fischer, N Han, B Stutchbury, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 33 (2), 227-236, 2013
Genomic positional conservation identifies topological anchor point RNAs linked to developmental loci
PP Amaral, T Leonardi, N Han, E Viré, DK Gascoigne, R Arias-Carrasco, ...
Genome biology 19, 1-21, 2018
The forkhead transcription factor FOXK2 acts as a chromatin targeting factor for the BAP1-containing histone deubiquitinase complex
Z Ji, H Mohammed, A Webber, J Ridsdale, N Han, JS Carroll, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (10), 6232-6242, 2014
Ultradian cortisol pulsatility encodes a distinct, biologically important signal
A McMaster, M Jangani, P Sommer, N Han, A Brass, S Beesley, W Lu, ...
PLoS One 6 (1), e15766, 2011
The FOXM1-PLK1 axis is commonly upregulated in oesophageal adenocarcinoma
M Dibb, N Han, J Choudhury, S Hayes, H Valentine, C West, YS Ang, ...
British journal of cancer 107 (10), 1766-1775, 2012
Current and prospective computational approaches and challenges for developing COVID-19 vaccines
W Hwang, W Lei, NM Katritsis, M MacMahon, K Chapman, N Han
Advanced drug delivery reviews 172, 249-274, 2021
Identification of SARS-CoV-2–induced pathways reveals drug repurposing strategies
N Han, W Hwang, K Tzelepis, P Schmerer, E Yankova, M MacMahon, ...
Science Advances 7 (27), eabh3032, 2021
Deregulation of the FOXM1 target gene network and its coregulatory partners in oesophageal adenocarcinoma
EF Wiseman, X Chen, N Han, A Webber, Z Ji, AD Sharrocks, YS Ang
Molecular cancer 14, 1-14, 2015
Long non-coding RNA ChRO1 facilitates ATRX/DAXX-dependent H3. 3 deposition for transcription-associated heterochromatin reorganization
J Park, H Lee, N Han, S Kwak, HT Lee, JH Kim, K Kang, BH Youn, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (22), 11759-11775, 2018
DDX 3X RNA helicase affects breast cancer cell cycle progression by regulating expression of KLF 4
E Cannizzaro, AJ Bannister, N Han, A Alendar, T Kouzarides
FEBS letters 592 (13), 2308-2322, 2018
A novel long noncoding RNA Linc-ASEN represses cellular senescence through multileveled reduction of p21 expression
HC Lee, D Kang, N Han, Y Lee, HJ Hwang, SB Lee, JS You, BS Min, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 27 (6), 1844-1861, 2020
Protein kinase C regulates late cell cycle-dependent gene expression
Z Darieva, N Han, S Warwood, KS Doris, BA Morgan, AD Sharrocks
Molecular and cellular biology, 2012
Methylation of histone H3 at lysine 37 by Set1 and Set2 prevents spurious DNA replication
H Santos-Rosa, G Millán-Zambrano, N Han, T Leonardi, M Klimontova, ...
Molecular cell 81 (13), 2793-2807. e8, 2021
FOXM1 and polo-like kinase 1 are co-ordinately overexpressed in patients with gastric adenocarcinomas
M Dibb, N Han, J Choudhury, S Hayes, H Valentine, C West, ...
BMC research notes 8, 1-9, 2015
Differential expression of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-products in mice susceptible or resistant to chronic colitis
M Bramhall, K Rich, A Chakraborty, L Logunova, N Han, J Wilson, ...
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 26 (3), 360-368, 2020
Progressive lung cancer determined by expression profiling and transcriptional regulation
N Han, et. al.
International journal of oncology 41 (1), 242-252, 2012
DILI C : An AI-Based Classifier to Search for Drug-Induced Liver Injury Literature
S Rathee, M MacMahon, A Liu, NM Katritsis, G Youssef, W Hwang, ...
Frontiers in Genetics 13, 867946, 2022
Downregulation of dystrophin expression occurs across diverse tumors, correlates with the age of onset, staging and reduced survival of patients
N Alnassar, M Borczyk, G Tsagkogeorga, M Korostynski, N Han, ...
Cancers 15 (5), 1378, 2023
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