Nicholas C Coops
Nicholas C Coops
Canada Chair of Remote Sensing
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Essential biodiversity variables
HM Pereira, S Ferrier, M Walters, GN Geller, RHG Jongman, RJ Scholes, ...
Science 339 (6117), 277-278, 2013
Lidar sampling for large-area forest characterization: A review
MA Wulder, JC White, RF Nelson, E Næsset, HO Ørka, NC Coops, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 121, 196-209, 2012
A new data fusion model for high spatial-and temporal-resolution mapping of forest disturbance based on Landsat and MODIS
T Hilker, MA Wulder, NC Coops, J Linke, G McDermid, JG Masek, F Gao, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (8), 1613-1627, 2009
Using airborne and ground-based ranging lidar to measure canopy structure in Australian forests
JL Lovell, DLB Jupp, DS Culvenor, NC Coops
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High spatial resolution remotely sensed data for ecosystem characterization
MA Wulder, RJ Hall, NC Coops, SE Franklin
BioScience 54 (6), 511-521, 2004
Remote sensing technologies for enhancing forest inventories: A review
JC White, NC Coops, MA Wulder, M Vastaranta, T Hilker, P Tompalski
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 42 (5), 619-641, 2016
Estimating canopy structure of Douglas-fir forest stands from discrete-return LiDAR
NC Coops, T Hilker, MA Wulder, B St-Onge, G Newnham, A Siggins, ...
Trees 21 (3), 295, 2007
The role of LiDAR in sustainable forest management
MA Wulder, CW Bater, NC Coops, T Hilker, JC White
The forestry chronicle 84 (6), 807-826, 2008
Aerial photography: a rapidly evolving tool for ecological management
JL Morgan, SE Gergel, NC Coops
BioScience 60 (1), 47-59, 2010
Evaluating error associated with lidar-derived DEM interpolation
CW Bater, NC Coops
Computers & Geosciences 35 (2), 289-300, 2009
Assessing forest productivity in Australia and New Zealand using a physiologically-based model driven with averaged monthly weather data and satellite-derived estimates of …
NC Coops, RH Waring, JJ Landsberg
Forest Ecology and Management 104 (1-3), 113-127, 1998
Environmental science: Agree on biodiversity metrics to track from space
AK Skidmore, N Pettorelli, NC Coops, GN Geller, M Hansen, R Lucas, ...
Nature News 523 (7561), 403, 2015
The utility of image-based point clouds for forest inventory: A comparison with airborne laser scanning
JC White, MA Wulder, M Vastaranta, NC Coops, D Pitt, M Woods
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Development of a large area biodiversity monitoring system driven by remote sensing
DC Duro, NC Coops, MA Wulder, T Han
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Performance of the forest productivity model 3-PG applied to a wide range of forest types
JJ Landsberg, RH Waring, NC Coops
Forest Ecology and Management 172 (2-3), 199-214, 2003
The use of remote sensing in light use efficiency based models of gross primary production: A review of current status and future requirements
T Hilker, NC Coops, MA Wulder, TA Black, RD Guy
Science of the Total Environment 404 (2-3), 411-423, 2008
Generation of dense time series synthetic Landsat data through data blending with MODIS using a spatial and temporal adaptive reflectance fusion model
T Hilker, MA Wulder, NC Coops, N Seitz, JC White, F Gao, JG Masek, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (9), 1988-1999, 2009
Application of high spatial resolution satellite imagery for riparian and forest ecosystem classification
K Johansen, NC Coops, SE Gergel, Y Stange
Remote sensing of Environment 110 (1), 29-44, 2007
Pixel-based image compositing for large-area dense time series applications and science
JC White, MA Wulder, GW Hobart, JE Luther, T Hermosilla, P Griffiths, ...
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 40 (3), 192-212, 2014
Assessment of forest structure with airborne LiDAR and the effects of platform altitude
NR Goodwin, NC Coops, DS Culvenor
Remote Sensing of Environment 103 (2), 140-152, 2006
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