Audrey Cottet
Audrey Cottet
LPENS, Ecole Normale Superieure and LPEM, ESPCI Paris
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Manipulating the quantum state of an electrical circuit
D Vion, A Aassime, A Cottet, P Joyez, H Pothier, C Urbina, D Esteve, ...
Science 296 (5569), 886-889, 2002
Electric field control of spin transport
S Sahoo, T Kontos, J Furer, C Hoffmann, M Gräber, A Cottet, ...
Nature Physics 1 (2), 99-102, 2005
Positive cross correlations in a three-terminal quantum dot with ferromagnetic contacts
A Cottet, W Belzig, C Bruder
Physical review letters 92 (20), 206801, 2004
Coherent coupling of a single spin to microwave cavity photons
J Viennot, M Dartiailh, A Cottet, T Kontos
Science 349 (6246), 408-411, 2015
Coupling a quantum dot, fermionic leads, and a microwave cavity on a chip
MR Delbecq, V Schmitt, FD Parmentier, N Roch, JJ Viennot, G Fève, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (25), 256804, 2011
Positive cross-correlations due to dynamical channel blockade in a three-terminal quantum dot
A Cottet, W Belzig, C Bruder
Physical Review B 70 (11), 115315, 2004
Nanospintronics with carbon nanotubes
A Cottet, T Kontos, S Sahoo, HT Man, MS Choi, W Belzig, C Bruder, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 21 (11), S78, 2006
Superconducting quantum-bit device based on josephson junctions
D Esteve, D Vion, M Devoret, C Urbina, P Joyez, H Pothier, PF Orfila, ...
US Patent 6,838,694, 2005
General boundary conditions for quasiclassical theory of superconductivity in the diffusive limit: application to strongly spin-polarized systems
M Eschrig, A Cottet, W Belzig, J Linder
New Journal of Physics 17 (8), 083037, 2015
Spin-dependent boundary conditions for isotropic superconducting Green’s functions
A Cottet, D Huertas-Hernando, W Belzig, YV Nazarov
Physical Review B 80 (18), 184511, 2009
Implementation of a combined charge-phase quantum bit in a superconducting circuit
A Cottet, D Vion, A Aassime, P Joyez, D Esteve, MH Devoret
Physica C: Superconductivity 367 (1-4), 197-203, 2002
Photon-mediated interaction between distant quantum dot circuits
MR Delbecq, LE Bruhat, JJ Viennot, S Datta, A Cottet, T Kontos
Nature communications 4 (1), 1400, 2013
Direct measurement of the Josephson supercurrent in an ultrasmall Josephson junction
A Steinbach, P Joyez, A Cottet, D Esteve, MH Devoret, ME Huber, ...
Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 137003, 2001
Implementation of a quantum bit in a superconducting circuit
A Cottet
PhD Thesis, Université Paris 6, 2002
Synthetic spin–orbit interaction for Majorana devices
MM Desjardins, LC Contamin, MR Delbecq, MC Dartiailh, LE Bruhat, ...
Nature materials 18 (10), 1060-1064, 2019
Out-of-equilibrium charge dynamics in a hybrid circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture
JJ Viennot, MR Delbecq, MC Dartiailh, A Cottet, T Kontos
Physical Review B 89 (16), 165404, 2014
Spin quantum bit with ferromagnetic contacts for circuit QED
A Cottet, T Kontos
Physical Review Letters 105 (16), 160502, 2010
Mesoscopic admittance of a double quantum dot
A Cottet, C Mora, T Kontos
Physical Review B 83 (12), 121311, 2011
Zero-field polarity-reversible Josephson supercurrent diodes enabled by a proximity-magnetized Pt barrier
KR Jeon, JK Kim, J Yoon, JC Jeon, H Han, A Cottet, T Kontos, SSP Parkin
Nature Materials 21 (9), 1008-1013, 2022
Cavity photons as a probe for charge relaxation resistance and photon emission in a quantum dot coupled to normal and superconducting continua
LE Bruhat, JJ Viennot, MC Dartiailh, MM Desjardins, T Kontos, A Cottet
Physical Review X 6 (2), 021014, 2016
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