Joseph Langenderfer
Joseph Langenderfer
Professor of Engineering
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Musculoskeletal parameters of muscles crossing the shoulder and elbow and the effect of sarcomere length sample size on estimation of optimal muscle length
J Langenderfer, SA Jerabek, VB Thangamani, JE Kuhn, RE Hughes
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Development of subject-specific and statistical shape models of the knee using an efficient segmentation and mesh-morphing approach
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Fiber type composition and maximum shortening velocity of muscles crossing the human shoulder
RC Srinivasan, MP Lungren, JE Langenderfer, RE Hughes
Clinical Anatomy: The Official Journal of the American Association of …, 2007
An EMG-driven model of the upper extremity and estimation of long head biceps force
J Langenderfer, S LaScalza, A Mell, JE Carpenter, JE Kuhn, RE Hughes
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Probabilistic modeling of knee muscle moment arms: effects of methods, origin–insertion, and kinematic variability
S Pal, JE Langenderfer, JQ Stowe, PJ Laz, AJ Petrella, PJ Rullkoetter
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The influence of cycle time on shoulder fatigue responses for a fixed total overhead workload
CR Dickerson, KA Meszaros, AC Cudlip, JN Chopp-Hurley, ...
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An efficient probabilistic methodology for incorporating uncertainty in body segment parameters and anatomical landmarks in joint loadings estimated from inverse dynamics
JE Langenderfer, PJ Laz, AJ Petrella, PJ Rullkoetter
Evaluation of three methods for determining EMG-muscle force parameter estimates for the shoulder muscles
CJ Gatti, LC Doro, JE Langenderfer, AG Mell, JD Maratt, JE Carpenter, ...
Clinical Biomechanics 23 (2), 166-174, 2008
Variability in isometric force and moment generating capacity of glenohumeral external rotator muscles
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Changes in the long head of the biceps tendon in rotator cuff tear shoulders
JE Carpenter, JD Wening, AG Mell, JE Langenderfer, JE Kuhn, ...
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A stochastic analysis of glenoid inclination angle and superior migration of the humeral head
NG Flieg, CJ Gatti, LC Doro, JE Langenderfer, JE Carpenter, RE Hughes
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A probabilistic model of glenohumeral external rotation strength for healthy normals and rotator cuff tear cases
JE Langenderfer, JE Carpenter, ME Johnson, K An, RE Hughes
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Effects of rotator cuff tears on muscle moment arms: a computational study
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Variation in external rotation moment arms among subregions of supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor muscles
JE Langenderfer, C Patthanacharoenphon, JE Carpenter, RE Hughes
Journal of orthopaedic research 24 (8), 1737-1744, 2006
A multi-subject evaluation of uncertainty in anatomical landmark location on shoulder kinematic description
JE Langenderfer, PJ Rullkoetter, AG Mell, PJ Laz
Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 12 (2), 211-216, 2009
Probabilistic evaluation of predicted force sensitivity to muscle attachment and glenohumeral stability uncertainty
JN Chopp-Hurley, JE Langenderfer, CR Dickerson
Annals of biomedical engineering 42, 1867-1879, 2014
A probabilistic orthopaedic population model to predict fatigue-related subacromial geometric variability
JN Chopp-Hurley, JE Langenderfer, CR Dickerson
Journal of Biomechanics 49 (4), 543-549, 2016
Postural stabilization by gripping a stick with different force levels
KI Ustinova, JE Langenderfer
Gait & Posture 38 (1), 97-103, 2013
Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification in pulmonary drug delivery of orally inhaled pharmaceuticals
J Lu, J Xi, JE Langenderfer
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 106 (11), 3303-3315, 2017
The effect of actual and imaginary handgrip on postural stability during different balance conditions
MS VanderHill, EE Wolf, JE Langenderfer, KI Ustinova
Gait & Posture 40 (4), 652-657, 2014
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