Mariya Aleksandrova
Mariya Aleksandrova
Technical University of Sofia, Department of Microelectronics
Потвърден имейл адрес: tu-sofia.bg
Material alternative to ITO for transparent conductive electrode in flexible display and photovoltaic devices
M Aleksandrova, N Kurtev, V Videkov, S Tzanova, S Schintke
Microelectronic Engineering 145, 112-116, 2015
Review on MXene synthesis, properties, and recent research exploring electrode architecture for supercapacitor applications
A Sohan, P Banoth, M Aleksandrova, A Nirmala Grace, P Kollu
International Journal of Energy Research 45 (14), 19746-19771, 2021
Specifics and challenges to flexible organic light-emitting devices
M Aleksandrova
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2016, 2016
Highly flexible, conductive and transparent PEDOT: PSS/Au/PEDOT: PSS multilayer electrode for optoelectronic devices
M Aleksandrova, V Videkov, R Ivanova, AK Singh, GS Thool
Materials Letters 174, 204-208, 2016
Technologies for deposition of transition metal oxide thin films: application as functional layers in “Smart windows” and photocatalytic systems
K Gesheva, T Ivanova, G Bodurov, IM Szilágyi, N Justh, O Kéri, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 682 (1), 012011, 2016
A comprehensive review on Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin film for solar cell: forecast issues and future anticipation
M Baid, A Hashmi, B Jain, AK Singh, MABH Susan, M Aleksandrova
Optical and Quantum Electronics 53, 1-45, 2021
Gas-sensing properties of a carbyne-enriched nanocoating deposited onto surface acoustic wave composite substrates with various electrode topologies
M Aleksandrova, G Kolev, A Brigadin, A Lukin
Crystals 12 (4), 501, 2022
An overview of microelectronic infrared pyroelectric detector
M Aleks, C Jagtap, V Kadam, G Kolev, K Denishev, H Pathan
Engineered Science 16, 82-89, 2021
Polymeric seed layer as a simple approach for nanostructuring of Ga-doped ZnO films for flexible piezoelectric energy harvesting
M Aleksandrova
Microelectronic Engineering 233, 111434, 2020
Polymers for Light-Emitting Devices and Displays
R Boddula, MI Ahamed, AM Asiri
John Wiley & Sons, 2020
Spray deposition of piezoelectric polymer on plastic substrate for vibrational harvesting and force sensing applications
M Aleksandrova
AIMS Materials Science 5 (6), 1214-1222, 2018
Characterization of piezoelectric microgenerator with nanobranched ZnO grown on a polymer coated flexible substrate
M Aleksandrova, G Kolev, Y Vucheva, H Pathan, K Denishev
Applied Sciences 7 (9), 890, 2017
Improvement of the electrical characteristics of polymer electroluminescent structures by using spray-coating technology
MP Aleksandrova
Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 9, 157-161, 2012
Study of piezoelectric behaviour of sputtered KNbO3 nanocoatings for flexible energy harvesting
MP Aleksandrova, TD Tsanev, IM Pandiev, GH Dobrikov
Energy 205, 118068, 2020
Investigation of the structural, optical and piezoelectric properties of ALD ZnO films on PEN substrates
BS Blagoev, M Aleksandrova, P Terziyska, P Tzvetkov, D Kovacheva, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 992 (1), 012027, 2018
Optical characterization of WO3-VOx thin films for application in electrochromic devices—‘smart windows’
G Bodurov, T Ivanova, M Aleksandrova, KA Gesheva
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 356 (1), 012016, 2012
Spray deposition of organic electroluminescent coatings for application in flexible light emitting devices
M Aleksandrova, S Andreev, G Kolev
Cogent Engineering 2 (1), 1014248, 2015
Thin film microsensing elements, technology and application in microsystems for environment control
G Kolev, M Aleksandrova, Y Vucheva, K Denishev
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 559 (1), 012015, 2014
Role of solvents in the preparation of methylammonium bismuth iodide (MBI) perovskite films for self-biased photodetector applications
S Shah, A Bhorde, Y Hase, R Aher, V Doiphode, A Waghmare, A Punde, ...
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 4 (6), 2793-2804, 2022
Study of quartz crystal microbalance NO2 sensor coated with sputtered indium tin oxide film
V Georgieva, M Aleksandrova, P Stefanov, A Grechnikov, V Gadjanova, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 558 (1), 012037, 2014
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