Adam T. Ford
Adam T. Ford
University of British Columbia - Okanagan
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Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements
MA Tucker, K Böhning-Gaese, WF Fagan, JM Fryxell, B Van Moorter, ...
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Is habitat fragmentation bad for biodiversity?
L Fahrig, V Arroyo-Rodríguez, JR Bennett, V Boucher‐Lalonde, E Cazetta, ...
Human–wildlife coexistence in a changing world
HJ König, C Kiffner, S Kramer‐Schadt, C Fürst, O Keuling, AT Ford
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Large carnivores make savanna tree communities less thorny
AT Ford, JR Goheen, TO Otieno, L Bidner, LA Isbell, TM Palmer, D Ward, ...
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A comprehensive analysis of autocorrelation and bias in home range estimation
MJ Noonan, MA Tucker, CH Fleming, T Akre, SC Alberts, AH Ali, ...
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The ecology of human–carnivore coexistence
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Tracking the conservation promise of movement ecology
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Trophic Cascades by Large Carnivores: A Case for Strong Inference and Mechanism
AT Ford, JR Goheen
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Comparison of methods of monitoring wildlife crossing‐structures on highways
AT Ford, AP Clevenger, A Bennett
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Anthropogenic effects on activity patterns of wildlife at crossing structures
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Diet and body size of North American mammal road mortalities
AT Ford, L Fahrig
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Behavioral Responses of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) to Roads and Traffic: Implications for Population Persistence
J Bouchard, AT Ford, FE Eigenbrod, L Fahrig
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A comparison of data sets varying in spatial accuracy used to predict the occurrence of wildlife-vehicle collisions
KE Gunson, AP Clevenger, AT Ford, JA Bissonette, A Hardy
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Movement Patterns of Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias striatus) Near Roads
AT Ford, L Fahrig
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Can we save large carnivores without losing large carnivore science?
BL Allen, LR Allen, H Andrén, G Ballard, L Boitani, RM Engeman, ...
Food Webs 12, 64-75, 2017
Conservation lessons from large‐mammal manipulations in East African savannas: the KLEE, UHURU, and GLADE experiments
JR Goheen, DJ Augustine, KE Veblen, DM Kimuyu, TM Palmer, ...
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Low functional redundancy among mammalian browsers in regulating an encroaching shrub (Solanum campylacanthum) in African savanna
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Extreme precipitation reduces reproductive output of an endangered raptor
RJ Fisher, TI Wellicome, EM Bayne, RG Poulin, LD Todd, AT Ford
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Aeroconservation for the fragmented skies
CM Davy, AT Ford, KC Fraser
Conservation Letters 10 (6), 773-780, 2017
Tweet success? Scientific communication correlates with increased citations in Ecology and Conservation
CT Lamb, SL Gilbert, AT Ford
PeerJ 6, e4564, 2018
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