Amalia Martínez
Amalia Martínez
Profesora-Investigadora, Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica
Потвърден имейл адрес: cio.mx
Stereo-digital image correlation (DIC) measurements with a single camera using a biprism
K Genovese, L Casaletto, JA Rayas, V Flores, A Martinez
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 51 (3), 278-285, 2013
Self-healing property of a caustic optical beam
M Anguiano-Morales, A Martínez, MD Iturbe-Castillo, S Chávez-Cerda, ...
Applied optics 46 (34), 8284-8290, 2007
Three-dimensional deformation measurement from the combination of in-plane and out-of-plane electronic speckle pattern interferometers
A Martínez, JA Rayas, R Rodríguez-Vera, HJ Puga
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Correction masks for thickness uniformity in large-area thin films
F Villa, A Martinez, LE Regalado
Applied optics 39 (10), 1602-1610, 2000
Uncertainty analysis of temporal phase-stepping algorithms for interferometry
RR Cordero, J Molimard, A Martínez, F Labbe
Optics Communications 275 (1), 144-155, 2007
Medición del módulo de Young en el hule látex usando ESPI
JA Rayas, R Rodríguez-Vera, A Martínez
Revista mexicana de física 49 (6), 555-564, 2003
The condensation of furfural with urea
A Martínez-García, M Ortiz, R Martínez, P Ortiz, E Reguera
Industrial Crops and Products 19 (2), 99-106, 2004
Different field distributions obtained with an axicon and an amplitude mask
M Anguiano-Morales, A Martínez, MD Iturbe-Castillo, S Chávez-Cerda
Optics Communications 281 (3), 401-407, 2008
4D profile of phase objects through the use of a simultaneous phase shifting quasi-common path interferometer
NI Toto-Arellano, DI Serrano-García, AM García, GR Zurita, ...
Journal of Optics 13 (11), 115502, 2011
Iterative estimation of the topography measurement by fringe-projection method with divergent illumination by considering the pitch variation along the x and z directions
A Martínez, JA Rayas, HJ Puga, K Genovese
Optics and lasers in engineering 48 (9), 877-881, 2010
Slope measurement of a phase object using a polarizing phase-shifting high-frequency Ronchi grating interferometer
NI Toto-Arellano, A Martínez-García, G Rodríguez-Zurita, ...
Applied optics 49 (33), 6402-6408, 2010
Fracture detection by grating moiré and in-plane ESPI techniques
A Martı́nez, R Rodrı́guez-Vera, JA Rayas, HJ Puga
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 39 (5-6), 525-536, 2003
Low energy theorem and photodisintegration of light nuclei
J Govaerts, JL Lucio, A Martinez, J Pestieau
Nuclear Physics A 368 (3), 409-428, 1981
Measurement of mean thickness of transparent samples using simultaneous phase shifting interferometry with four interferograms
VHF Muñoz, NIT Arellano, DIS García, AM García, GR Zurita, LG Lechuga
Applied Optics 55 (15), 4047-4051, 2016
Coherent scattering by one-dimensional randomly rough metallic surfaces
EI Chaikina, AG Navarrete, ER Méndez, A Martínez, AA Maradudin
Applied optics 37 (6), 1110-1121, 1998
Parallel two-step phase shifting interferometry using a double cyclic shear interferometer
NI Toto-Arellano, DI Serrano-García, A Martínez-García
Optics express 21 (26), 31983-31989, 2013
General model to predict and correct errors in phase map interpretation and measurement for out-of-plane ESPI interferometers
HJ Puga, R Rodrıguez-Vera, A Martınez
Optics & Laser Technology 34 (1), 81-92, 2002
Measuring displacement derivatives by electronic speckle pattern shearing interferometry (ESPSI)
F Labbe, RR Cordero, A Martínez, R Rodríguez-Vera
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Full-surface deformation measurement of anisotropic tissues under indentation
K Genovese, A Montes, A Martinez, SL Evans
Medical engineering & physics 37 (5), 484-493, 2015
Uncertainty evaluation of displacements measured by electronic speckle-pattern interferometry
RR Cordero, A Martı́nez, R Rodrı́guez-Vera, P Roth
Optics Communications 241 (4-6), 279-292, 2004
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