Ramin Pashaie
Ramin Pashaie
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Graphene-based carbon-layered electrode array technology for neural imaging and optogenetic applications
DW Park, AA Schendel, S Mikael, SK Brodnick, TJ Richner, JP Ness, ...
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An optogenetic toolbox designed for primates
I Diester, MT Kaufman, M Mogri, R Pashaie, W Goo, O Yizhar, ...
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Electrical Neural Stimulation and Simultaneous in Vivo Monitoring with Transparent Graphene Electrode Arrays Implanted in GCaMP6f Mice
DW Park, JP Ness, SK Brodnick, C Esquibel, J Novello, F Atry, DH Baek, ...
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Optogenetic brain interfaces
R Pashaie, P Anikeeva, JH Lee, R Prakash, O Yizhar, M Prigge, ...
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The effect of micro-ECoG substrate footprint on the meningeal tissue response
AA Schendel, MW Nonte, C Vokoun, TJ Richner, SK Brodnick, F Atry, ...
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Extraction of optical properties and prediction of light distribution in rat brain tissue
M Azimipour, R Baumgartner, Y Liu, SL Jacques, K Eliceiri, R Pashaie
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OptogenSIM: a 3D Monte Carlo simulation platform for light delivery design in optogenetics
Y Liu, SL Jacques, M Azimipour, JD Rogers, R Pashaie, KW Eliceiri
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Optogenetic micro-electrocorticography for modulating and localizing cerebral cortex activity
TJ Richner, S Thongpang, SK Brodnick, AA Schendel, RW Falk, ...
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Single optical fiber probe for fluorescence detection and optogenetic stimulation
R Pashaie, R Falk
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Closed-loop optogenetic brain interface
R Pashaie, R Baumgartner, TJ Richner, SK Brodnick, M Azimipour, ...
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Calibration of digital optical phase conjugation setups based on orthonormal rectangular polynomials
M Azimipour, F Atry, R Pashaie
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F Atry, S Frye, TJ Richner, SK Brodnick, A Soehartono, J Williams, ...
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Effect of blood vessels on light distribution in optogenetic stimulation of cortex
M Azimipour, F Atry, R Pashaie
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Patterned optogenetic modulation of neurovascular and metabolic signals
TJ Richner, R Baumgartner, SK Brodnick, M Azimipour, LA Krugner-Higby, ...
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Self-organization in a parametrically coupled logistic map network: A model for information processing in the visual cortex
R Pashaie, NH Farhat
IEEE Transactions on neural networks 20 (4), 597-608, 2009
Analysis of intermediary scan-lens and tube-lens mechanisms for optical coherence tomography
F Atry, R Pashaie
Applied optics 55 (4), 646-653, 2016
Dynamics of electron-trapping materials under blue light and near-infrared exposure: an improved model
R Pashaie, NH Farhat
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Design and implementation guidelines for a modular spectral-domain optical coherence tomography scanner
F Atry, IJ De La Rosa, KR Rarick, R Pashaie
International Journal of Optics 2018, 1-22, 2018
Optical realization of bioinspired spiking neurons in the electron trapping material thin film
R Pashaie, NH Farhat
Applied optics 46 (35), 8411-8418, 2007
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