Stephen Veldhuis
Stephen Veldhuis
Professor and Director (MMRI), McMaster University
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Modelling geometric and thermal errors in a five-axis CNC machine tool
AK Srivastava, SC Veldhuis, MA Elbestawit
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 35 (9), 1321-1337, 1995
Effect of mechanical properties measured at room and elevated temperatures on the wear resistance of cutting tools with TiAlN and AlCrN coatings
GS Fox-Rabinovich, BD Beake, JL Endrino, SC Veldhuis, R Parkinson, ...
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Thermal post-processing of AlSi10Mg parts produced by Selective Laser Melting using recycled powder
AH Maamoun, M Elbestawi, GK Dosbaeva, SC Veldhuis
Additive Manufacturing 21, 234-247, 2018
Effect of selective laser melting process parameters on the quality of al alloy parts: Powder characterization, density, surface roughness, and dimensional accuracy
AH Maamoun, YF Xue, MA Elbestawi, SC Veldhuis
Materials 11 (12), 2343, 2018
Design and performance of AlTiN and TiAlCrN PVD coatings for machining of hard to cut materials
GS Fox-Rabinovich, AI Kovalev, MH Aguirre, BD Beake, K Yamamoto, ...
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Tribological adaptability of TiAlCrN PVD coatings under high performance dry machining conditions
GS Fox-Rabinovich, K Yamomoto, SC Veldhuis, AI Kovalev, ...
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Self-organization during friction: advanced surface-engineered materials and systems design
G Fox-Rabinovich, GE Totten
CRC Press, 2006
Density and mechanical properties in selective laser melting of Invar 36 and stainless steel 316L
M Yakout, MA Elbestawi, SC Veldhuis
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 266, 397-420, 2019
Cutting temperature effect on PCBN and CVD coated carbide tools in hard turning of D2 tool steel
GK Dosbaeva, MA El Hakim, MA Shalaby, JE Krzanowski, SC Veldhuis
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The selection of process parameters in additive manufacturing for aerospace alloys
M Yakout, A Cadamuro, MA Elbestawi, SC Veldhuis
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 92, 2081-2098, 2017
A review of metal additive manufacturing technologies
M Yakout, MA Elbestawi, SC Veldhuis
Solid State Phenomena 278, 1-14, 2018
Coating optimisation for high speed machining with advanced nanomechanical test methods
BD Beake, GS Fox-Rabinovich, SC Veldhuis, SR Goodes
Surface and Coatings Technology 203 (13), 1919-1925, 2009
Investigation of wear behavior and chip formation for cutting tools with nano-multilayered TiAlCrN/NbN PVD coating
L Ning, SC Veldhuis, K Yamamoto
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 48 (6), 656-665, 2008
Wear behavior of adaptive nano-multilayered AlTiN/MexN PVD coatings during machining of aerospace alloys
A Biksa, K Yamamoto, G Dosbaeva, SC Veldhuis, GS Fox-Rabinovich, ...
Tribology International 43 (8), 1491-1499, 2010
Oxidation tuning in AlCrN coatings
JL Endrino, GS Fox-Rabinovich, A Reiter, SV Veldhuis, RE Galindo, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 201 (8), 4505-4511, 2007
Investigating the correlation between nano-impact fracture resistance and hardness/modulus ratio from nanoindentation at 25–500° C and the fracture resistance and lifetime of …
BD Beake, JF Smith, A Gray, GS Fox-Rabinovich, SC Veldhuis, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 201 (8), 4585-4593, 2007
A strategy for the compensation of errors in five-axis machining
SC Veldhuis, MA Elbestawi
CIRP annals 44 (1), 373-377, 1995
A study of thermal expansion coefficients and microstructure during selective laser melting of Invar 36 and stainless steel 316L
M Yakout, MA Elbestawi, SC Veldhuis
Additive Manufacturing 24, 405-418, 2018
Tool wear mechanisms and tool life enhancement in ultra-precision machining of titanium
AR Zareena, SC Veldhuis
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 212 (3), 560-570, 2012
Wear mechanisms of several cutting tool materials in hard turning of high carbon–chromium tool steel
MA Shalaby, MA El Hakim, MM Abdelhameed, JE Krzanowski, ...
Tribology International 70, 148-154, 2014
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