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Carsten Riepe
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Understanding and managing freshwater recreational fisheries as complex adaptive social-ecological systems
R Arlinghaus, J Alós, B Beardmore, K Daedlow, M Dorow, M Fujitani, ...
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TL Teel, MJ Manfredo, FS Jensen, AE Buijs, A Fischer, C Riepe, ...
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A primer on anti-angling philosophy and its relevance for recreational fisheries in urbanized societies
R Arlinghaus, A Schwab, C Riepe, T Teel
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How ecological processes shape the outcomes of stock enhancement and harvest regulations in recreational fisheries
FD Johnston, MS Allen, B Beardmore, C Riepe, T Pagel, D Hühn, ...
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Public perception of river fish biodiversity in four European countries
S Kochalski, C Riepe, M Fujitani, Ø Aas, R Arlinghaus
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Hand in Hand für eine nachhaltige Angelfischerei: Ergebnisse und Empfehlungen aus fünf Jahren praxisorientierter Forschung zu Fischbesatz und seinen Alternativen
R Arlinghaus
Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei, 2015
Niche overlap among anglers, fishers and cormorants and their removals of fish biomass: a case from brackish lagoon ecosystems in the southern Baltic Sea
R Arlinghaus, J Lucas, MS Weltersbach, D Kömle, HM Winkler, C Riepe, ...
Fisheries Research 238, 105894, 2021
Species-specific preference heterogeneity in German freshwater anglers, with implications for management
R Arlinghaus, B Beardmore, C Riepe, T Pagel
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Comparing on-site and off-site survey data to investigate survey biases in recreational fisheries data
WC Lewin, MS Weltersbach, K Haase, C Riepe, C Skov, C Gundelund, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 78 (7), 2528-2546, 2021
What determines the behavioral intention of local-level fisheries managers to alter fish stocking practices in freshwater recreational fisheries of two European countries?
C Riepe, M Fujitani, J Cucherousset, T Pagel, M Buoro, F Santoul, ...
Fisheries Research 194, 173-187, 2017
Sturgeon and paddlefish life history and management: Experts' knowledge and beliefs
I Jarić, C Riepe, J Gessner
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 34 (2), 244-257, 2018
Dysfunctional information feedbacks cause the emergence of management panaceas in social-ecological systems: The case of fish stocking in inland recreational fisheries
R Arlinghaus, C Riepe, S Theis, T Pagel, M Fujitani
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 38, 100475, 2022
Ökologische, soziale und ökonomische Dimensionen des Meeresangelns in Deutschland
MS Weltersbach, C Riepe, WC Lewin, HV Strehlow
Managing river fish biodiversity generates substantial economic benefits in four European countries
C Riepe, J Meyerhoff, M Fujitani, Ø Aas, J Radinger, S Kochalski, ...
Environmental management 63, 759-776, 2019
Values, beliefs, norms, and conservation-oriented behaviors toward native fish biodiversity in rivers: evidence from four European countries
C Riepe, U Liebe, M Fujitani, S Kochalski, Ø Aas, R Arlinghaus
Society & Natural Resources 34 (6), 703-724, 2021
Ecological and social constraints are key for voluntary investments into renewable natural resources
ML Fujitani, C Riepe, T Pagel, M Buoro, F Santoul, R Lassus, ...
Global environmental change 63, 102125, 2020
Explaining anti-angling sentiments in the general population of Germany: an application of the cognitive hierarchy model
C Riepe, R Arlinghaus
Human Dimensions of Wildlife 19 (4), 371-390, 2014
Quantitative estimates of freshwater fish stocking practices by recreational angling clubs in France
J Cucherousset, R Lassus, C Riepe, P Millet, F Santoul, R Arlinghaus, ...
Fisheries Management and Ecology 28 (4), 295-304, 2021
Einstellungen der Bevölkerung in Deutschland zum Tierschutz in der Angelfischerei
C Riepe, R Arlinghaus
IGB, 2014
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