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Christopher Winne
High School Science Teacher
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The Global Decline of Reptiles, Déjà Vu Amphibians: Reptile species are declining on a global scale. Six significant threats to reptile populations are habitat loss and …
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Needles in haystacks: estimating detection probability and occupancy of rare and cryptic snakes
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Efficacy of marking snakes with disposable medical cautery units
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Post-drought responses of semi-aquatic snakes inhabiting an isolated wetland: insights on different strategies for persistence in a dynamic habitat
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Getting the drift: examining the effects of timing, trap type and taxon on herpetofaunal drift fence surveys
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Seasonal variation in terrestrial resource subsidies influences trophic niche width and overlap in two aquatic snake species: a stable isotope approach
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Effects of hydroperiod on metamorphosis in Rana sphenocephala
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Ecological and methodological factors affecting detectability and population estimation in elusive species
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Income breeding allows an aquatic snake Seminatrix pygaea to reproduce normally following prolonged drought‐induced aestivation
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Intraspecific differences in thermal tolerance of the diamondback watersnake (Nerodia rhombifer): effects of ontogeny, latitude, and sex
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Ambush site selection and ontogenetic shifts in foraging strategy in a semi‐aquatic pit viper, the Eastern cottonmouth
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Differential swimming performance of two natricine snakes exposed to a cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticide
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Daily activity patterns of Whiptail Lizards (Squamata: Teiidae: Aspidoscelis): a proximate response to environmental conditions or an endogenous rhythm?
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Influence of body size on swimming performance of four species of neonatal natricine snakes acutely exposed to a cholinesterase‐inhibiting pesticide
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Ontogeny of Anti‐Predator Behavioral Habituation in Cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus)
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Unveiling escape and capture rates of aquatic snakes and salamanders (Siren spp. and Amphiuma means) in commercial funnel traps
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Evaporative water loss in two natricine snakes, Nerodia fasciata and Seminatrix pygaea
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Journal of Herpetology 35 (1), 129-133, 2001
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