Devina Ramduny-Ellis
Devina Ramduny-Ellis
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Exploring the design space for notification servers
D Ramduny, A Dix, T Rodden
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Interaction in the large
A Dix, D Ramduny, J Wilkinson
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A Dix, J Wilkinson, D Ramduny
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Physigrams: modelling devices for natural interaction
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J Hare, S Gill, G Loudon, D Ramduny-Ellis, A Dix
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Modelling devices for natural interaction
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A Dix, T Catarci, B Habegger, Y loannidis, A Kamaruddin, A Katifori, ...
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Long-term interaction: Learning the 4 Rs
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Exploring physicality in the design process
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Finding decisions through artefacts
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Tracker: a framework to support reducing rework through decision management
P Rayson, B Sharp, A Alderson, J Cartmell, C Chibelushi, R Clarke, A Dix, ...
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Impedance Matching: When you need to know What
D Ramduny, A Dix
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The influence of graph schemas on the interpretation of unfamiliar diagrams
D Peebles, D Ramduny-Ellis, G Ellis, JVH Bonner
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