Lab Head & PI at Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, Singapore
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Deep learning and its applications to machine health monitoring
R Zhao, R Yan, Z Chen, K Mao, P Wang, RX Gao
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 115, 213-237, 2019
Fusion of WiFi, smartphone sensors and landmarks using the Kalman filter for indoor localization
Z Chen, H Zou, H Jiang, Q Zhu, YC Soh, L Xie
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A review on swarm intelligence and evolutionary algorithms for solving flexible job shop scheduling problems
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Machine remaining useful life prediction via an attention-based deep learning approach
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Time-series representation learning via temporal and contextual contrasting
E Eldele, M Ragab, Z Chen, M Wu, CK Kwoh, X Li, C Guan
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.14112, 2021
WiFi CSI based passive human activity recognition using attention based BLSTM
Z Chen, L Zhang, C Jiang, Z Cao, W Cui
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 18 (11), 2714-2724, 2018
An attention-based deep learning approach for sleep stage classification with single-channel EEG
E Eldele, Z Chen, C Liu, M Wu, CK Kwoh, X Li, C Guan
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Robust human activity recognition using smartphone sensors via CT-PCA and online SVM
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Building occupancy estimation and detection: A review
Z Chen, C Jiang, L Xie
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Smartphone inertial sensor-based indoor localization and tracking with iBeacon corrections
Z Chen, Q Zhu, YC Soh
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Accurate indoor localization and tracking using mobile phone inertial sensors, WiFi and iBeacon
H Zou, Z Chen, H Jiang, L Xie, C Spanos
2017 IEEE International Symposium on Inertial Sensors and Systems (INERTIAL …, 2017
WiFi fingerprinting indoor localization using local feature-based deep LSTM
Z Chen, H Zou, JF Yang, H Jiang, L Xie
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A novel ensemble ELM for human activity recognition using smartphone sensors
Z Chen, C Jiang, L Xie
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Distilling the knowledge from handcrafted features for human activity recognition
Z Chen, L Zhang, Z Cao, J Guo
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Two-stream convolution augmented transformer for human activity recognition
B Li, W Cui, W Wang, L Zhang, Z Chen, M Wu
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Learning to iteratively solve routing problems with dual-aspect collaborative transformer
Y Ma, J Li, Z Cao, W Song, L Zhang, Z Chen, J Tang
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A fusion framework for occupancy estimation in office buildings based on environmental sensor data
Z Chen, MK Masood, YC Soh
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Degradation-aware remaining useful life prediction with LSTM autoencoder
JY Wu, M Wu, Z Chen, XL Li, R Yan
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Modeling regular occupancy in commercial buildings using stochastic models
Z Chen, J Xu, YC Soh
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Contrastive adversarial domain adaptation for machine remaining useful life prediction
M Ragab, Z Chen, M Wu, CS Foo, CK Kwoh, R Yan, X Li
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 17 (8), 5239-5249, 2020
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