Diego Fontaneto
Diego Fontaneto
CNR, IRSA: Water Research Institute, Verbania
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Independently evolving species in asexual bdelloid rotifers
D Fontaneto, EA Herniou, C Boschetti, M Caprioli, G Melone, C Ricci, ...
PLoS Biology 5 (4), e87, 2007
The widely used small subunit 18S rDNA molecule greatly underestimates true diversity in biodiversity surveys of the meiofauna
CQ Tang, F Leasi, U Obertegger, A Kieneke, TG Barraclough, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109, 16208-16212, 2012
Guidelines for DNA taxonomy, with a focus on the meiofauna
D Fontaneto, JF Flot, CQ Tang
Marine Biodiversity 45 (3), 433-451, 2015
Is the meiofauna a good indicator for climate change and anthropogenic impacts?
D Zeppilli, J Sarrazin, D Leduc, PM Arbizu, D Fontaneto, C Fontanier, ...
Marine Biodiversity 45 (3), 505-535, 2015
Fifteen species in one: deciphering the Brachionus plicatilis species complex (Rotifera, Monogononta) through DNA taxonomy
S Mills, JA Alcántara-Rodríguez, J Ciros-Pérez, A Gómez, A Hagiwara, ...
Hydrobiologia 796 (1), 39-58, 2017
Body-size shifts in aquatic and terrestrial urban communities
T Merckx, C Souffreau, A Kaiser, LF Baardsen, T Backeljau, D Bonte, ...
Nature 558, 113-116, 2018
Urbanization drives cross‐taxon declines in abundance and diversity at multiple spatial scales
E Piano, C Souffreau, T Merckx, LF Baardsen, T Backeljau, D Bonte, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (3), 1196-1211, 2020
Microplastics increase impact of treated wastewater on freshwater microbial community.
EM Eckert, A Di Cesare, MT Kettner, M Arias-Andres, D Fontaneto, ...
Environmental Pollution 234, 495-502, 2018
Effects of phylogenetic reconstruction method on the robustness of species delimitation using single‐locus data
CQ Tang, AM Humphreys, D Fontaneto, TG Barraclough
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 5, 1086-1094, 2014
Extreme levels of hidden diversity in microscopic animals (Rotifera) revealed by DNA taxonomy
D Fontaneto, M Kaya, EA Herniou, TG Barraclough
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53 (1), 182-189, 2009
Why we need sustainable networks bridging countries, disciplines, cultures and generations for aquatic biomonitoring 2.0: a perspective derived from the DNAqua-Net COST Action
F Leese, A Bouchez, K Abarenkov, F Altermatt, Á Borja, K Bruce, T Ekrem, ...
Advances in Ecological Research 58, 63-99, 2018
DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe
F Leese, F Altermatt, A Bouchez, T Ekrem, D Hering, ZS Csabai, ...
Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) 2, e11321, 2016
Biogeography of microscopic organisms: Is everything small everywhere?
D Fontaneto
Cambridge University Press, 2011
Characteristics of meiofauna in extreme marine ecosystems: a review
D Zeppilli, D Leduc, C Fontanier, D Fontaneto, S Fuchs, AJ Gooday, ...
Marine Biodiversity 48 (1), 35-71, 2018
Patterns of diversity in soft-bodied meiofauna: dispersal ability and body size matter
M Curini-Galletti, T Artois, V Delogu, WH De Smet, D Fontaneto, ...
PLoS ONE 7 (3), e33801, 2012
Molecular evidence for broad‐scale distributions in bdelloid rotifers: everything is not everywhere but most things are very widespread
D Fontaneto, TG Barraclough, K Chen, C Ricci, EA Herniou
Molecular Ecology 17 (13), 3136-3146, 2008
Fitness and recovery of bacterial communities and antibiotic resistance genes in urban wastewaters exposed to classical disinfection treatments
A Di Cesare, D Fontaneto, J Doppelbauer, G Corno
Environmental Science & Technology 50 (18), 10153-10161, 2016
Differences in fatty acid composition between aquatic and terrestrial insects used as food in human nutrition
D Fontaneto, M Tommaseo-Ponzetta, C Galli, P Risé, RH Glew, ...
Ecology of Food and Nutrition 50 (4), 351-367, 2011
Rotifers in saltwater environments, re-evaluation of an inconspicuous taxon
D Fontaneto, WH De Smet, C Ricci
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK 86 (4), 623-656, 2006
Integrative taxonomy recognizes evolutionary units despite widespread mitonuclear discordance: evidence from a rotifer cryptic species complex
S Papakostas, E Michaloudi, K Proios, M Brehm, L Verhage, J Rota, ...
Systematic Biology 65, 508-524, 2016
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