Peter Dennis
Peter Dennis
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Distribution and abundance of small insects and arachnids in relation to structural heterogeneity of grazed, indigenous grasslands
P Dennis, MR Young, IJ Gordon
Ecological Entomology 23 (3), 253-264, 1998
Field margins: can they enhance natural enemy population densities and general arthropod diversity on farmland?
P Dennis, GLA Fry
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Relationships between agricultural management and ecological groups of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) on Scottish farmland
LJ Cole, DI McCracken, P Dennis, IS Downie, AL Griffin, GN Foster, ...
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Structural features of field boundaries which influence the overwintering densities of beneficial arthropod predators
P Dennis, MB Thomas, NW Sotherton
Journal of applied ecology, 361-370, 1994
Impacts of climate on prey abundance account for fluctuations in a population of a northern wader at the southern edge of its range
JW PEARCE‐HIGGINS, P Dennis, MJ Whittingham, DW Yalden
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Gains to species diversity in organically farmed fields are not propagated at the farm level
MK Schneider, G Lüscher, P Jeanneret, M Arndorfer, Y Ammari, D Bailey, ...
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Farmers’ perceptions of biodiversity: lessons from a discourse-based deliberative valuation study
E Kelemen, G Nguyen, T Gomiero, E Kovács, JP Choisis, N Choisis, ...
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To graze or not to graze? Sheep, voles, forestry and nature conservation in the British uplands
DM Evans, SM Redpath, DA Elston, SA Evans, RJ Mitchell, P Dennis
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Issues and perspectives in landscape ecology
JA Wiens, MR Moss
(No Title), 2005
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LJ Cole, DI McCracken, IS Downie, P Dennis, GN Foster, T Waterhouse, ...
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Low intensity, mixed livestock grazing improves the breeding abundance of a common insectivorous passerine
DM Evans, SM Redpath, SA Evans, DA Elston, CJ Gardner, P Dennis, ...
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Maintaining northern peatland ecosystems in a changing climate: effects of soil moisture, drainage and drain blocking on craneflies
MJ Carroll, P Dennis, JW PEARCE‐HIGGINS, CD Thomas
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Field manipulation of populations of individual staphylinid species in cereals and their impact on aphid populations.
P Dennis, SD Wratten
The cascading impacts of livestock grazing in upland ecosystems: a 10‐year experiment
DM Evans, N Villar, NA Littlewood, RJ Pakeman, SA Evans, P Dennis, ...
Ecosphere 6 (3), 1-15, 2015
Identifying drivers of species compositional change in a semi‐natural upland grassland over a 40‐year period
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Characterization factors for land use impacts on biodiversity in life cycle assessment based on direct measures of plant species richness in European farmland in the ‘Temperate …
MT Knudsen, JE Hermansen, C Cederberg, F Herzog, J Vale, ...
Science of the Total Environment 580, 358-366, 2017
Livestock grazing affects the egg size of an insectivorous passerine
DM Evans, SM Redpath, SA Evans, DA Elston, P Dennis
Biology Letters 1 (3), 322-325, 2005
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