Colin Harrower
Colin Harrower
UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
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Horizon scanning for invasive alien species with the potential to threaten biodiversity in Great Britain
HE Roy, J Peyton, DC Aldridge, T Bantock, TM Blackburn, R Britton, ...
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Crossing frontiers in tackling pathways of biological invasions
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Long‐term changes to the frequency of occurrence of British moths are consistent with opposing and synergistic effects of climate and land‐use changes
R Fox, TH Oliver, C Harrower, MS Parsons, CD Thomas, DB Roy
Journal of Applied Ecology 51 (4), 949-957, 2014
State of nature 2019
DB Hayhow, MA Eaton, AJ Stanbury, F Burns, WB Kirby, N Bailey, ...
State of Nature Partnership, 2019
The State of the UK’s Butterflies 2015
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A vascular plant red list for England
P Stroh, SJ Leach, TA August, KJ Walker, DA Pearman, FJ Rumsey, ...
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The use of opportunistic data for IUCN Red List assessments
D Maes, NJB Isaac, CA Harrower, B Collen, AJ Van Strien, DB Roy
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The state of Britain’s larger moths 2021
R Fox, EB Dennis, CA Harrower, D Blumgart, JR Bell, P Cook, AM Davis, ...
Butterfly Conservation, Rothamsted Research and UK Centre for Ecology …, 2021
Alien pathogens on the horizon: Opportunities for predicting their threat to wildlife
HE Roy, H Hesketh, BV Purse, J Eilenberg, A Santini, R Scalera, ...
Conservation Letters 10 (4), 477-484, 2017
Assessing patterns in introduction pathways of alien species by linking major invasion data bases
WC Saul, HE Roy, O Booy, L Carnevali, HJ Chen, P Genovesi, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (2), 657-669, 2017
National patterns of functional diversity and redundancy in predatory ground beetles and bees associated with key UK arable crops
BA Woodcock, C Harrower, J Redhead, M Edwards, AJ Vanbergen, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 51 (1), 142-151, 2014
A review of the population and conservation status of British mammals: technical summary
F Mathews, LM Kubasiewicz, J Gurnell, CA Harrower, RA McDonald, ...
Natural England, 2018
The contribution of volunteer recorders to our understanding of biological invasions
HE Roy, SL Rorke, B Beckmann, O Booy, MS Botham, PMJ Brown, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 115 (3), 678-689, 2015
The dawn bat, Eonycteris spelaea Dobson (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) feeds mainly on pollen of economically important food plants in Thailand
S Bumrungsri, D Lang, C Harrower, E Sripaoraya, K Kitpipit, PA Racey
Acta Chiropterologica 15 (1), 95-104, 2013
Troubling travellers: are ecologically harmful alien species associated with particular introduction pathways?
J Pergl, P Pyšek, S Bacher, F Essl, P Genovesi, CA Harrower, PE Hulme, ...
NeoBiota 32, 1-20, 2017
Similarities in butterfly emergence dates among populations suggest local adaptation to climate
DB Roy, TH Oliver, MS Botham, B Beckmann, T Brereton, RLH Dennis, ...
Global change biology 21 (9), 3313-3322, 2015
GB Non-native Species Information Portal: documenting the arrival of non-native species in Britain
HE Roy, CD Preston, CA Harrower, SL Rorke, D Noble, J Sewell, ...
Biological invasions 16 (12), 2495-2505, 2014
Non-Native Species in Great Britain: establishment, detection and reporting to inform effective decision making
HE Roy, J Bacon, B Beckmann, CA Harrower, MO Hill, NJB Isaac, ...
Defra, London, 2012
Guidance for interpretation of CBD categories on introduction pathways
Technical note prepared by IUCN for the European Commission, 2017
Lepidoptera communities across an agricultural gradient: how important are habitat area and habitat diversity in supporting high diversity?
MS Botham, EC Fernandez-Ploquin, T Brereton, CA Harrower, DB Roy, ...
Journal of Insect Conservation 19 (2), 403-420, 2015
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