Peter Deak
Peter Deak
Professor of Physics, University of Bremen
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Accurate defect levels obtained from the HSE06 range-separated hybrid functional
P Deák, B Aradi, T Frauenheim, E Janzén, A Gali
Physical Review B 81 (15), 153203, 2010
Theory of spin-conserving excitation of the N− V− center in diamond
A Gali, E Janzén, P Deák, G Kresse, E Kaxiras
Physical review letters 103 (18), 186404, 2009
Role of oxygen vacancy defect states in the n-type conduction of
Z Hajnal, J Miró, G Kiss, F Réti, P Deák, RC Herndon, JM Kuperberg
Journal of applied physics 86 (7), 3792-3796, 1999
Formation of NV centers in diamond: A theoretical study based on calculated transitions and migration of nitrogen and vacancy related defects
P Deák, B Aradi, M Kaviani, T Frauenheim, A Gali
Physical review B 89 (7), 075203, 2014
Porous silicon and siloxene: Vibrational and structural properties
HD Fuchs, M Stutzmann, MS Brandt, M Rosenbauer, J Weber, ...
Physical Review B 48 (11), 8172, 1993
Advanced Calculations for Defects in Materials
A Alkauskas, P Deák, J Neugebauer, A Pasquarello, CG Van de Walle
Siloxene: Chemical quantum confinement due to oxygen in a silicon matrix
P Deak, M Rosenbauer, M Stutzmann, J Weber, MS Brandt
Physical review letters 69 (17), 2531, 1992
Choosing the correct hybrid for defect calculations: A case study on intrinsic carrier trapping in
P Deák, Q Duy Ho, F Seemann, B Aradi, M Lorke, T Frauenheim
Physical Review B 95 (7), 075208, 2017
Polaronic effects in TiO 2 calculated by the HSE06 hybrid functional: Dopant passivation by carrier self-trapping
P Deák, B Aradi, T Frauenheim
Physical Review B 83 (15), 155207, 2011
Quantitative theory of the oxygen vacancy and carrier self-trapping in bulk TiO 2
P Deák, B Aradi, T Frauenheim
Physical Review B 86 (19), 195206, 2012
Band lineup and charge carrier separation in mixed rutile-anatase systems
P Deak, B Aradi, T Frauenheim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (8), 3443-3446, 2011
Defects in as the possible origin of near interface traps in the system: A systematic theoretical study
JM Knaup, P Deák, T Frauenheim, A Gali, Z Hajnal, WJ Choyke
Physical review B 72 (11), 115323, 2005
State and motion of hydrogen in crystalline silicon
P Deák, LC Snyder, JW Corbett
Physical Review B 37 (12), 6887, 1988
The mechanism of defect creation and passivation at the SiC/SiO2 interface
P Deák, JM Knaup, T Hornos, C Thill, A Gali, T Frauenheim
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 40 (20), 6242, 2007
Theoretical study of the mechanism of dry oxidation of -SiC
JM Knaup, P Deák, T Frauenheim, A Gali, Z Hajnal, WJ Choyke
Physical review B 71 (23), 235321, 2005
Proper surface termination for luminescent near-surface NV centers in diamond
M Kaviani, P Deák, B Aradi, T Frauenheim, JP Chou, A Gali
Nano letters 14 (8), 4772-4777, 2014
Shallow thermal donor defects in silicon
CP Ewels, R Jones, S Öberg, J Miro, P Deák
Physical review letters 77 (5), 865, 1996
Origin of photoluminescence in
QD Ho, T Frauenheim, P Deák
Physical Review B 97 (11), 115163, 2018
Ab initio density-functional supercell calculations of hydrogen defects in cubic SiC
B Aradi, A Gali, P Deák, JE Lowther, NT Son, E Janzén, WJ Choyke
Physical Review B 63 (24), 245202, 2001
Aggregation of carbon interstitials in silicon carbide: A theoretical study
A Gali, P Deák, P Ordejón, NT Son, E Janzén, WJ Choyke
Physical Review B 68 (12), 125201, 2003
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