Gabriele Calabrese
Gabriele Calabrese
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Low-voltage 2D materials-based printed field-effect transistors for integrated digital and analog electronics on paper
S Conti, L Pimpolari, G Calabrese, R Worsley, S Majee, DK Polyushkin, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3566, 2020
Molecular beam epitaxy of single crystalline GaN nanowires on a flexible Ti foil
G Calabrese, P Corfdir, G Gao, C Pfüller, A Trampert, O Brandt, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (20), 2016
Molecular beam epitaxy of GaN nanowires on epitaxial graphene
S Fernández-Garrido, M Ramsteiner, G Gao, LA Galves, B Sharma, ...
Nano letters 17 (9), 5213-5221, 2017
Building integrated low concentration solar system for a self-sustainable Mediterranean villa: The Astonyshine house
F Aldegheri, S Baricordi, P Bernardoni, M Brocato, G Calabrese, V Guidi, ...
Energy and buildings 77, 355-363, 2014
Self-assembled formation of long, thin, and uncoalesced GaN nanowires on crystalline TiN films
D Van Treeck, G Calabrese, JJW Goertz, VM Kaganer, O Brandt, ...
Nano Research 11, 565-576, 2018
Effect of surface roughness, chemical composition, and native oxide crystallinity on the orientation of self-assembled GaN nanowires on Ti foils
G Calabrese, SV Pettersen, C Pfüller, M Ramsteiner, JK Grepstad, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (42), 425602, 2017
Numerical simulation of the temperature distortions in InGaP/GaAs/Ge solar cells working under high concentrating conditions due to voids presence in the solder joint
G Calabrese, F Gualdi, S Baricordi, P Bernardoni, V Guidi, L Pozzetti, ...
Solar energy 103, 1-11, 2014
Inkjet-printed graphene Hall mobility measurements and low-frequency noise characterization
G Calabrese, L Pimpolari, S Conti, F Mavier, S Majee, R Worsley, Z Wang, ...
Nanoscale 12, 6708-6716, 2020
Polarity-induced selective area epitaxy of GaN nanowires
Z de Souza Schiaber, G Calabrese, X Kong, A Trampert, B Jenichen, ...
Nano Letters 17 (1), 63-70, 2017
Interfacial reactions during the molecular beam epitaxy of GaN nanowires on Ti/Al2O3
G Calabrese, G Gao, D Van Treeck, P Corfdir, C Sinito, T Auzelle, ...
Nanotechnology 30 (11), 114001, 2019
X-Ray-Induced Modification of the Photophysical Properties of MAPbBr3 Single Crystals
G Armaroli, L Ferlauto, F Lédée, M Lini, A Ciavatti, A Kovtun, F Borgatti, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (49), 58301-58308, 2021
Ge growth on porous silicon: The effect of buffer porosity on the epilayer crystalline quality
G Calabrese, S Baricordi, P Bernardoni, D De Salvador, M Ferroni, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (12), 2014
A joint thermal–electrical analysis of void formation effects on concentrator silicon solar cells solder layer
S Baricordi, G Calabrese, F Gualdi, V Guidi, M Pasquini, L Pozzetti, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 111, 133-140, 2013
Monitoring the formation of GaN nanowires in molecular beam epitaxy by polarization-resolved optical reflectometry
P Corfdir, G Calabrese, A Laha, T Auzelle, L Geelhaar, O Brandt, ...
CrystEngComm 20 (23), 3202-3206, 2018
Comprehensive analysis of the self-assembled formation of GaN nanowires on amorphous AlxOy: in situ quadrupole mass spectrometry studies
M Sobanska, ZR Zytkiewicz, G Calabrese, L Geelhaar, ...
Nanotechnology 30 (15), 154002, 2019
Radius-Dependent Homogeneous Strain in Uncoalesced GaN Nanowires
G Calabrese, D van Treeck, VM Kaganer, O Konovalov, P Corfdir, C Sinito, ...
Acta Materialia 195, 87-97, 2020
About the definition of ‘Multiplier’of an integrating sphere
A Parretta, G Calabrese
Int. J. Opt. Appl. 3 (6), 119-124, 2013
Proton sponge lead halides containing 1D polyoctahedral chains
C Pipitone, F Giannici, A Martorana, F Bertolotti, G Calabrese, S Milita, ...
CrystEngComm 23 (5), 1126-1139, 2021
Tuning the orientation of the top-facets of GaN nanowires in molecular beam epitaxy by thermal decomposition
T Auzelle, G Calabrese, S Fernández-Garrido
Physical Review Materials 3 (1), 013402, 2019
Conformationally rigid molecular and polymeric naphthalene-diimides containing C 6 H 6 N 2 constitutional isomers
VM Abbinante, G García-Espejo, G Calabrese, S Milita, L Barba, D Marini, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (33), 10875-10888, 2021
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