Julian M Hibberd
Julian M Hibberd
Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
Потвърден имейл адрес: cam.ac.uk
Plant circadian clocks increase photosynthesis, growth, survival, and competitive advantage
AN Dodd, N Salathia, A Hall, E Kévei, R Tóth, F Nagy, JM Hibberd, ...
Science 309 (5734), 630-633, 2005
Redesigning photosynthesis to sustainably meet global food and bioenergy demand
DR Ort, SS Merchant, J Alric, A Barkan, RE Blankenship, R Bock, R Croce, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 112 (28), 8529-8536, 2015
TransRate: reference-free quality assessment of de novo transcriptome assemblies
R Smith-Unna, C Boursnell, R Patro, JM Hibberd, S Kelly
Genome research 26 (8), 1134-1144, 2016
One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants
JH Leebens-Mack, MS Barker, EJ Carpenter, MK Deyholos, ...
Characteristics of C 4 photosynthesis in stems and petioles of C 3 flowering plants
JM Hibberd, WP Quick
Nature 415 (6870), 451-454, 2002
Using C4 photosynthesis to increase the yield of rice—rationale and feasibility
JM Hibberd, JE Sheehy, JA Langdale
Current opinion in plant biology 11 (2), 228-231, 2008
Many Parallel Losses of infA from Chloroplast DNA during Angiosperm Evolution with Multiple Independent Transfers to the Nucleus
RS Millen, RG Olmstead, KL Adams, JD Palmer, NT Lao, L Heggie, ...
The Plant Cell 13 (3), 645-658, 2001
The H+-Sucrose Cotransporter NtSUT1 Is Essential for Sugar Export from Tobacco Leaves
L Bürkle, JM Hibberd, WP Quick, C Kühn, B Hirner, WB Frommer
Plant Physiology 118 (1), 59-68, 1998
Unusual carotenoid composition and a new type of xanthophyll cycle in plants
RA Bungard, AV Ruban, JM Hibberd, MC Press, P Horton, JD Scholes
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (3), 1135-1139, 1999
An mRNA Blueprint for C4 Photosynthesis Derived from Comparative Transcriptomics of Closely Related C3 and C4 Species    
A Bräutigam, K Kajala, J Wullenweber, M Sommer, D Gagneul, KL Weber, ...
Plant physiology 155 (1), 142-156, 2011
The Regulation of Gene Expression Required for C4 Photosynthesis
JM Hibberd, S Covshoff
Annual review of plant biology 61, 181-207, 2010
A galinstan expansion femtosyringe for microinjection of eukaryotic organelles and prokaryotes
M Knoblauch, JM Hibberd, JC Gray, AJE van Bel
Nature biotechnology 17 (9), 906-909, 1999
Evaluating methods for isolating total RNA and predicting the success of sequencing phylogenetically diverse plant transcriptomes
MTJ Johnson, EJ Carpenter, Z Tian, R Bruskiewich, JN Burris, ...
PloS one 7 (11), e50226, 2012
Standards for plant synthetic biology: a common syntax for exchange of DNA parts
NJ Patron, D Orzaez, S Marillonnet, H Warzecha, C Matthewman, ...
New Phytologist 208 (1), 13-19, 2015
Strategies for engineering a two-celled C4 photosynthetic pathway into rice
K Kajala, S Covshoff, S Karki, H Woodfield, BJ Tolley, MJA Dionora, ...
Journal of experimental botany 62 (9), 3001-3010, 2011
Dissecting molecular evolution in the highly diverse plant clade Caryophyllales using transcriptome sequencing
Y Yang, MJ Moore, SF Brockington, DE Soltis, GKS Wong, EJ Carpenter, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (8), 2001-2014, 2015
The role of proteins in C3 plants prior to their recruitment into the C4 pathway
S Aubry, NJ Brown, JM Hibberd
Journal of experimental botany 62 (9), 3049-3059, 2011
Accumulation of rotavirus VP6 protein in chloroplasts of transplastomic tobacco is limited by protein stability
I Birch‐Machin, CA Newell, JM Hibberd, JC Gray
Plant Biotechnology Journal 2 (3), 261-270, 2004
The future of C4 research–maize, Flaveria or Cleome?
NJ Brown, K Parsley, JM Hibberd
Trends in plant science 10 (5), 215-221, 2005
Transient expression of green fluorescent protein in various plastid types following microprojectile bombardment
JM Hibberd, PJ Linley, MS Khan, JC Gray
The Plant Journal 16 (5), 627-632, 1998
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